Managing mental health data in Rio EPR to deliver safe patient care

Managing mental health data can often be a challenging process for healthcare providers. The use of digital technologies today this has helped to enhance clinical management and leverage health data.

> About Rio

Servelec’s electronic patient record solution (EPR), Rio, is a market leader in Mental Health; it is a trusted and robust solution that is utilised by thousands of healthcare professionals to deliver continuity of care to patients.

Servelec understands safe patient care is always a top priority for its NHS Trust customers and works closely with all its customers in the NHS to ensure its products meet legislative and statutory requirements. The team at Servelec consists of Health Product Specialists with a clinical background in Mental Health, who work closely with the Trust and their clinical teams to ensure Rio meets the necessary standards and the Mental Health Act (MHA) in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Increasingly, information about mental health needs is being collected from diverse settings and shared across multi-disciplinary, multi-agency teams to support the long term care that mental health service users require.  The management of recording patients’ legal status including entitlement to Section 117 information is set out in the policy and procedures within each Trust. It is acknowledged that, due to the agreements with their local authorities, each Trust may have different policies and approaches to managing Section 117 information.

Also referred to as Section 117 aftercare, patients detained under the Mental Health Act treatment orders are entitled to Section 117 and may receive free help and support after they leave hospital.  In areas where Trusts have not locally configured the relevant form in Rio, it is common practice to have an alternate system in place, to record Section 117 information, to ensure effective and safe patient care.

Servelec recognises that each area has its own agreed approach between the Trust and the local authority, and supports the flexibility needed without contravening the rules of the Act.  As part of its service delivery, Servelec provides all its customers with standard guidance to support them in meeting the requirements of the MHA within Rio.

Comprehensive guidance - a comprehensive guide is provided on using Rio to record various mental health information including risk incidents, reviews, section transfer and consent to treatment.  This includes guidance on how Trusts can locally configure the Section 117 Entitlement Form.

Training - Rio Mental Health Act Administration Training workshops, delivered by Servelec’s product specialist team, cover the Mental Health Act sections within Rio and how to manage MHA related information recording in a timely manner. This training will be offered within the project timeframe and before Rio goes live at the Trust.