Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust set to drive interoperability with Rio electronic patient record from Servelec

Servelec, a provider of digital care software, announces that Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with its electronic patient record (EPR) software Rio. The Trust is also in the process of implementing Servelec’s cloud-based interoperability platform Conexes, which enables a safe, secure environment to share data between systems and apps to deliver an integrated approach to patient care.

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The Rio EPR went live across Kent Community’s children’s services this summer, as a five-part phased roll out, providing the trust with an improved user experience and document management system. A live data stream within the EPR means that up to date patient records are all available in one place, which creates a better flow for staff to instantly find and retrieve information on each patient.

The EPR offers a view of the patient in one snapshot, which will benefit them during appointments as they no longer need to repeat information to their clinician. This will in turn improve clinical quality as all information will be present and correct. As the clinician does not have to spend as much time before each appointment searching for patient background, they are free to spend more one-on-one time with the patient. The system also provides the Trust with a better reporting functionality, including the ability to produce KPI reports.

The next and penultimate phase of the rollout, is planned to take place in October, and will see the completion of the migration of patient community hospital records from the legacy system into Rio, enabling the Trust to stop dual running across systems. This will allow Kent Community to share information with third party organisations, such as local authorities and other care organisations, promoting a joined-up approach to care.

Some 2,615 staff at the Trust, across a wide range of roles, are already live with Rio, and a further 1,800 are still to be enabled. Now that the core EPR solution has been implemented, Servelec is working to integrate further modules to the system that will improve workflows across the Trust, including Rio Mobilise for mobile working, a solution which is created in partnership with Totalmobile.

Donna Conway, Head of IT Projects at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust says: “Servelec has provided us with an entirely end-to-end solution with the Rio EPR. We’re already seeing improved interoperability between internal systems due to the flow of data the system provides. We were at the natural end of our contract and wanted a more modern platform, the issue was that we were finding reporting harder to do, Rio makes this much easier.”

Steve Wightman, Healthcare Managing Director at Servelec adds: “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with Kent Community. They are truly a progressive Trust, seeing the value in joined up care in the region and helping health and social care become better connected to improve the patient experience. Kent County Council is a long term customer of Servelec, using our entire local government suite, this presents the opportunity for both organisations to seamlessly share relevant information with each other. I look forward to seeing the final stage of the implementation bring further functionality to the EPR, including mobile working, which will mean staff no longer have to duplicate data entry and can update records on the go."

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