Hallam welcomes 1,000th degree apprentice

Sheffield Hallam University is celebrating the arrival of its 1,000th degree apprentice, as part of a new partnership with local digital care software provider Servelec.

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In September, Servelec welcomed 12 junior software developers as part of the Servelec Digital Academy scheme, in association with Sheffield Hallam University.

This will see the apprentices work in a full-time role, alongside attending lectures and seminars at Sheffield Hallam, on their way to receiving a Digital and Technology Solutions Professional degree qualification.

Yannick Loembet, one of the junior developers at the Servelec Digital Academy, and the 1000th degree apprentice to join Sheffield Hallam, said: “It’s exciting to think that I am one in such a long line of apprentices.

“My degree apprenticeship provides the perfect mix of being able to work on real projects as well as the opportunity to learn and develop through the teaching I receive from Sheffield Hallam.”

Garry McCord, Chief Strategy Officer at Servelec added: “Servelec is incredibly proud to welcome the first students to the Servelec Digital Academy. These 12 junior developers represent the first of the next generation of our team and the whole business is excited to support them as they start their careers with us.”

Sheffield Hallam University is celebrating the milestone of 1,000 degree apprenticeships as part of National Apprenticeship Week, an annual campaign by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to raise awareness of apprenticeships as a world class career option.

As one of the UK’s earliest adopters of degree apprenticeships in 2015, followed by the opening of the National Centre of Excellence for Degree Apprenticeships (NCEDA), Sheffield Hallam has been recognised as a pioneering hub for the innovation, design and delivery of degree apprenticeships.

Conor Moss, Group Director for Business Engagement, Employability and Skills at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “The fact that we’ve welcomed our 1000th degree apprentice to Sheffield Hallam is a real moment to celebrate.

“That’s 1,000 people who have had an impact on their area of industry – bringing skills and knowledge they have learnt at Sheffield Hallam and applying this directly to their area of work.

“It’s a chance to reaffirm our commitment to driving future economies regionally and nationally.”

Servelec is delighted to be working with Sheffield Hallam University in developing young talented software developers of the future. To find out more, visit our dedicated Servelec Digital Academy page.