Collaboration is key for new-look Mosaic

Servelec, a leading provider of digital care software announces a range of new and enhanced features as part of the launch of the latest version of its leading Mosaic social care case management system, which is available now. Building on the launch of Mosaic’s Customer-Led Configuration and the Mosaic Customer Advisory Board in 2019, the development of Mosaic 20.1 has been a truly collaborative process.

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On launching the new version of Mosaic, Julie O’Connor, Product Manager at Servelec said: “At Servelec we believe in working together with our customers to drive improvements to our products, and the latest version of Mosaic is no exception. We’ve listened to feedback and are excited to deliver a host of enhancements prioritised by our users. We’ve also created a fresh new look for Mosaic, and have made strides to improve the user experience. We’re confident Mosaic users will welcome the new time-saving features.”

Enhancements to the user interface and user experience have improved the usability of Mosaic. The redesigned user interface has created a fresh modern look aligned to the Servelec visual identity, while a more intuitive navigation that reduces the number of clicks to perform key tasks has improved the user experience. This helps social workers spend less time form-filling and more time caring for people in need.

Through a collaborative approach and an understanding of the features that free social workers up to deliver better outcomes, the latest version of Mosaic provides the following benefits:

  • Time saved for social workers through improved presentation of information, easier navigation and dual windows
  • Improved management of risk, through clear alerts, warnings and risk badges that help social workers take preventative action earlier
  • Clearer views and increased flexibility when reviewing and analysing financial assessments results information
  • For authorities who also use Servelec’s Core+ product for CCIS, a new viewer presents CCIS information in Mosaic and prevents social workers having to chase CCIS information from colleagues or needing to log into multiple systems

Thank you to the teams at Reading Borough Council and Scottish Borders Council who assisted with the beta testing of Mosaic 20.1. Following completion of the testing, Wendy Everett, Social Care Systems Manager at Reading Borough Council said: “We were really keen to be involved with the beta testing of the latest version of Mosaic and when we heard there was opportunity for an SQL managed site to test, we asked if we could join in. It was very exciting to get a sneak peek of the new product before its general release, especially with its updated look and feel. Overall, the whole testing process went incredibly smoothly for us and we were able to spot some areas for a quick fix. We also suggested some improvements to the install guide to ensure that the supporting documentation is really clear and makes the whole process easier to complete. We’re very proud that we’ve been able to make a small contribution in the development of the product and have been able to help ensure that the upgrade process is as easy as possible for other users.”

Through regular, structured engagement with our customers Servelec will continue to enhance Mosaic and its other local government products, Synergy and Core+. To discuss the Mosaic roadmap and forthcoming releases in more detail, please contact your Account Director. Or, if your authority currently uses a different system and you would like to find out more about how we are developing Mosaic to support social care teams in delivering improved outcomes for families, then please contact us today. Servelec designs software solutions to help you do what you do best – care for others. We call it Digital Care, and we’re by your side.