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There are a multitude of challenges faced every day by young people, including various social or financial pressures which lead them to criminal or antisocial activity. Youth Offending Teams and local authorities are constantly looking for ways in which they can keep better records and reduce administration times, freeing up those on the frontline to do what they do best – give valuable face-to-face time and support to vulnerable young people.

Prevention strategies and intervention methods are among the many ways in which a Youth Offending Service strives to help; by providing teams with the appropriate software, you can ensure your local authority is meeting all the statutory requirements laid out by the Youth Justice Board.

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What are the challenges facing youth offending and social work teams?

Being able to support vulnerable young people and give them the time they need can be challenging, especially as many youth offending and social work teams are experiencing strains on resources due to budget cuts.

Despite best efforts by local authorities, many of those who leave custody often have accommodation and support that is not adequate enough to rehabilitate and help get them back into education or training.

Reporting and case-file management can also be tested, as other care providers - such as medical practitioners or social services - may be filtering in information from their own investigations. This can cause important records to get lost or duplicated, thus increasing admin time and taking youth offending teams away from the frontline.

Learn how our Core+ solution makes accurate data recording easier, reduces duplications and saves time for Essex County Council.

Servelec’s Core+ Youth Justice module is now live in 29 authorities across the UK, and is helping to save time and manage risk.

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How youth offending teams can use technology to get the best outcomes for young people

By adopting the appropriate YOT software, your local authority can provide youth offending teams with one place to store and access casefile information. Those on the frontline will then have the time to build longer and stronger relationships with vulnerable young people, as well as hold a holistic overview of their records. Improvements in mental and physical health, more time spent in education and training, and increased distance from offending and antisocial behaviour can all ensure vulnerable young people are given opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

Servelec’s Core+ Youth Justice and Victims solutions can help get the best outcomes for young people, all while exceeding the requirements of the YJB AssetPlus framework. Our innovative software includes additional tools, which can help with a young person’s journey through the system, as well as important data analytics which highlight any risk of reoffending – aiding their rehabilitation and reintroduction into education or training.

With a heavy emphasis on prevention and intervention, one of the key functionalities of the Core+ Youth Justice and Victims solutions is that it allows your teams to see data from multiple local authorities, ensuring everyone knows accurately whether or not a young person is reoffending. Without this function, a young person that offends in two local authorities would be seen as a first-time offender in both.

YOT software allows teams to make more informed decisions, with a wealth of functions and a specialist reoffending toolkit, it helps you to get the best outcomes for young people in your care.

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