Why Changing Youth Justice Systems Is Easier Than You Think

For many Youth Offending Teams (YOTs), changing software providers can seem like a daunting task. Difficulties in migrations and introducing a new system to staff can be time-consuming and costly. However, working in partnership with a provider like Servelec to easily transition to a new system, YOTs can see significant benefits for their teams, helping them do what they do best, support young people.

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Why changing systems is easier than you think

The main concerns for Youth Offending Teams who are changing systems are around the length of time it takes to migrate and users struggling with a new system. But this doesn’t need to be a challenge.

Changing your Youth Justice system can be completed faster than expected. Implementations on average take less than four months, and Servelec worked with the London Borough of Sutton to change their Youth Justice system in only two. Our service teams have extensive experience in transitioning to our Core+ system, meaning that part of the database migration can now be automated, making the process quicker and smoother.

"We had a really smooth transition to the Core+ Youth Justice system. Servelec helped us to move quickly to ensure that our teams were up and running in just eight weeks. Training was scheduled in so that service users could start using the system as soon as we went live. The support throughout the project and after the go live has been brilliant, meaning that we felt fully informed and in control throughout. The move has been really positive for us and our teams now have the right tools in place to offer support." 

Laura Noulton, Integrated Youth Services Team Manager, London Borough of Sutton

When moving to the new and improved system, the change for teams can be easier than expected with the right training. When Essex County Council migrated to our Core+ Youth Justice system, they found the intuitive interface of Core+ much more user-friendly, allowing users to easily grasp how it operates. As a result, the Council has seen its need for training sessions halved.

“Local authorities tend to think it’s easier to stick with the same supplier; because they are familiar, and they can avoid any migration headaches, but the easy option isn’t always the right one. For us, it has been a very beneficial move, and the support from Servelec’s Youth Services team has been second to none.” – Rob Brown, Information Manager Essex Youth Offending Service.

Read Essex County Council's case study.

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Benefits of changing your Youth Justice system

Populating the Youth Justice Board (YJB) tracker can be time-consuming for YOTs, taking up hours or even days of their time when using the wrong system. Our Reoffending Toolkit allows YOTs to populate the YJB tracker in minutes, enabling them to understand which young people are most at risk of reoffending, so they can give them more targeted support and prevent reoffending. Using a system that quickly shows this information in a user-friendly report frees up time so users can focus on providing support rather than administration.

Changing systems can offer tools that ease pressure on your teams and help them to provide better support. YOT to YOT transfers mean that teams can access records from other areas of the country. Our AssetPlus compare tool enables workers to place related records side by side to easily see differences from one to another, reducing time spent comparing reports and contacting YOTs in other areas to get up to date information. Not only does this save time but means workers are fully informed on risks and challenges, enabling them to provide the best support and feel safe while providing it.

Poor support can mean delays in software fixes and more time spent by your team raising awareness of and working through issues. Choosing a software provider that gives excellent levels of support can ease some of these pressures. The support team for our Core+ Youth Justice software is unrivalled, offering proactive support through use of a monitor, creating automated reports to find any issues. This automation means our teams can make changes quicker and your team spends less time raising tickets and explaining bugs.

Ensuring your YJB Management Information System (MIS) quarterly returns are free from errors can be a challenge with some systems only notifying YOTs of errors once they have been submitted. Our Core+ Youth Justice system highlights any errors in line with YJB recording rules before returns are submitted meaning that returns are error free.

Finding the right software provider can help your Youth Offending Team spend their time doing what they do best, providing support to young people. If you’d like to find out more about how we can partner with you to enable your teams, get in touch.

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