What is Social Care Finance Software?

As a local authority, you can help those providing care with social care finance software from Servelec. Reduce your administrative workload with Mosaic.

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What is social care finance software?

As a social care worker, caring for those who are vulnerable is your top priority. We know that most local authorities would prefer their workers focus on those in their care rather than spending time on administration tasks. However, those back-office tasks and the management of finance is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

Social care finance software takes the pressure off those providing care in your local council, giving them a greater holistic view of each person’s situation and their environment.

This means that all social care finance departments can simplify their processes, including:

  • Care planners
  • People managing contracts with suppliers
  • Teams configuring the service catalogues
  • Those raising purchase orders from all types of services such as fostering placements or residential beds or home care
  • Managers of individual budgets
  • Those paying suppliers via manual invoices or electronic payments
  • Workers in financial assessing and charging people
  • Those raising the bills to people or third parties
  • Those running reports

Our Social Care case management and finance systems have a single interface solution that gives you easy access to the information you need, whenever you need it.

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How can social care finance software help?

An integrated and automated system will alleviate unnecessary pressure on back-office processes and help to streamline payments and billing for social care workers within your council. This type of software can give those offering care, real-time updates and useful functionality to deal with all finance management, in one place.

Social Care finance software such as Mosaic Finance can offer a more efficient approach to accounting and make budgeting easier for those in your care. You’ll benefit from flexible reporting, which is vital for auditing purposes.

What is Mosaic social care finance software?

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Mosaic Social Care Sofware

Watch our short video explaining what our Mosaic Social Care software does and how it can help your local authority.

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Mosaic social care finance software is a Servelec solution that is built into the case management product – so no separate finance systems with complex interfaces. It works to reduce the back-end administrative workload for those working for your local authority, so they can concentrate on what they do best − providing care for those in need.

This innovative and intuitive piece of software, which is part of our Mosaic solution, is the ideal case management program and is suitable for all social care providers who work with adults, children and families, and has been developed in collaboration with local authorities to ensure it is user-friendly and secure.

How can Mosaic Finance help?

There are a multitude of ways in which Mosaic can help social care workers in your council. From saving money by avoiding overpayments with the help of automatic invoice checking, to reducing postage, printing and paper costs. It can improve cash flow and ensure you stay fully informed on payments for each different person in your care, thanks to real-time online updates.

Using Mosaic Finance provides more accurate data and improved financial reporting, allowing you to spend more time caring for people and achieving better outcomes. We call this Digital Care and we’re by your side.

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