What is Education Management Software for Local Authorities?

We have put together a short guide on Education Management Software to help you understand the difference between software used by a council, who is responsible for education in its area, and the type of software commonly used by schools.

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What is Education Management Software?

Education management software is used to help local authorities and schools to organise and share data, enabling children’s services teams within local authorities to have full visibility of each child. By enabling collaboration, those caring for students can make informed decisions, faster, as they have all the information they need.

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Synergy Education Management Software

Our Synergy Education Management Software can provide a connected view of those in your care to make supporting their education simple. We can help reduce costs and streamline your workloads to make it easier for you to support others.

What are the Types of Education Management Software?

Education management software can generally be split into two functions, the systems used by local authorities to manage educations services in their area including admissions, safeguarding, pupil support and special educational needs and those used within schools, typically by teaches or administration staff.

Data Management for the Local Authority

Local authority education management software is used to manage processes and centralised statutory services that are required for the delivery of education within a particular area.

It can cover:

  • Education support administration including management of free school meals and benefits, inclusion services, SEN, transport and Governors administration and training
  • Family information services, enabling parents to find appropriate childcare and educational services in the area
  • School admissions management, providing interaction with parents and schools via web portals and incorporating a Geographical Information System to enable automated distance calculations

Data Management for Schools

School management software is mainly used by teachers to track school services and pupil performance. It can be used in educational institutions of all sizes, mainly focusing on a child’s interaction with the school.

It can cover:

  • Attendance, compliance and performance reporting
  • Enrolment
  • Scheduling of tuition, exams, accommodation and transfers
  • Feedback surveys
  • Creation of certificates
  • Management of cover
  • Extra-curricular activity management
  • Management of wellbeing

Learn how Servelec’s support has allowed the team at Medway Council to take school admissions online and build a system that works for the families they serve.

Medway Council sees online applications rise to 98% thanks to Servelec’s Synergy Education Management software.

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Why Local Authorities Need Education Management Software

Local Authorities use education management software to manage their statutory responsibilities efficiently and effectively and help provide better outcomes for young people and families. Using software to complete tasks and record information allows data to be easily shared with those who need it, when they need it.

How do Students and Families Benefit from Education Management Software?

When using an education management system such as Synergy, parents and students benefit from improved access to key services. Parent portals allow parents to see information such as schools and childcare services in their area, the progress of their child’s school application, how many hours childcare they are entitled to and so much more.

The ease of access means that there can be closer interaction between families, schools and other providers and increases transparency between authorities and families.

Education Management software has clear benefits for both schools and local authorities. Our Synergy education management system is used by local authorities to streamline processes within children’s services, cutting paperwork and allowing you to spend more time with those in your care. It provides one view of a child that can integrate with social care, youth services and healthcare systems ensuring that the right information is in the right place at the right time.

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