Using Integration to Enable Early Intervention

Early intervention is key to helping vulnerable children and young people make positive steps into adulthood and providing better outcomes for families. We believe that by integrating software solutions across social care, education, youth services and healthcare to share important information, we can help you save time and reduce paperwork freeing you up to do what you do best, care for others.

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Child's Journey

When considering a typical child’s journey, they may come into contact with a range of early intervention services offered by local government. These can include Children’s Centres, Children’s Social Care Case Management, Youth Justice, S.M.A.S.H and Mental Health Support. These interactions can all offer an opportunity for early intervention before the young person's vulnerabilities become more serious.

Benefits of Early Intervention

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on Evidence-based early years intervention has advised that government make the most of the opportunity for early intervention. They believe that the evidence clearly shows a correlation between adversity suffered during childhood and an increased prevalence of health and social care problems in later life. When delivered effectively, the report says that there is strong evidence that early intervention can dramatically improve people’s lives and reduce long-term costs. Late intervention costs nearly £17 billion per year, the equivalent of £287 per person, in England and Wales.

"The key indicator for us is the proportion of families we become aware of who receive early help and who, a year later, are still free from further state intervention. The figure at the end of March 2018 was that 83% of families who were identified early and went into an intensive early help programme do not have a social work or child protection intervention a year later"

Martin Pratt

Chair of the Association of London Directors of Children’s Services

Challenges Facing Local Authorities

At Servelec, we understand the challenges Local Authorities face. Members of our team have worked on the front line with young people and have seen the strain on local services first hand.

Social Care teams face the constant long-term pressures on funding, with local government funding continuing to be cut. Alongside this, there is an increasing demand for provision and for social workers to deliver more. These factors result in increased stress, absences and staff turnover.

In education, the needs of pupils are growing, with issues such as stress, anxiety, fear of the future and substance misuse becoming more prevalent, whilst at the same time, the average pupil-teacher ratio has increased from 14.9 in 2011 to 16.0 in 2017. The strain on schools is growing significantly as teachers and school management are experiencing increased stress and anxiety resulting in 9.9% of teachers leaving the workforce in 2016-17.

In recent years, there have been serious cuts to Youth Services, with some areas facing cuts of 49%. According to a report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Knife Crime, councils with large cuts to youth services were more likely to also have seen an increase in knife crime in the area’s police force. We understand that as youth workers, you do your best for the young people in your area but due to the funding gap, money is being forced away from preventative work and into protecting those at immediate risk of harm.

The Need to Effectively Share Data

When caring for a child or young person, the ability to share data is key. To be effective, workers need real-time access to critical information, so they can make timely and well-informed decisions. The problem that many face is that the information they need may be stored in a separate system across disparate databases. Because of this, executing cross-functional decision making with colleagues is often manual, tedious, inefficient and high risk.

How We Help

Understanding the challenges that you face is key to how we have developed our solutions. We have a range of robust, modern software products that ensure the right information is with the right person at the right time. Using our Mosaic software for social care, Synergy software for education, Core+ software for youth services and Rio software for healthcare, enables you to have a full picture of the young person you are caring for. Our systems simplify how you record and monitor pathways, integrate information to help you save time, reduce paperwork and minimise risks and enables strong relationships between people, delivering an effortless experience for everyone involved. This software can help to shape intervention strategies, making sure the correct information is shared.

We are bringing our solutions together to provide a transformational integrated solution. Conexes is our industry leading interoperability platform, providing easy access to information to enable better and more timely decisions. We believe that integration is key to providing better care, which is why we will willingly integrate with third parties to create a wider eco-system. Conexes enables rapid integration of multiple and disparate databases and platforms saving time, money and reducing disruption to service.

What Our Customers Say

Below are some of the case studies of how our systems have helped improve digital care.


Katherine Atkinson - Kent Case Study

Katherine Atkinson from Kent uses Synergy and discussed how our systems give a more joined up view of children and young people across the county

Case Studies

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