Social Care Case Management System

Whether you’re caring for adults or children, those who are most vulnerable are relying on your social workers do their jobs to the best of their ability. Having an intuitive, user-friendly social care case management system can provide invaluable help and will allow social work professionals to do what they do best.

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Using case management software is a streamlined way of planning, reviewing and monitoring caseloads, all in one place and in the palm of your hand. Having access to this information quickly is key to ensure that the best and correct level of care is provided to each individual in need.

At Servelec we understand that dated care systems are coming under pressure from increased demand; if you’re a local authority looking to upgrade your digital case management system to help your teams, our integrated solutions could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Why case management software is important...

…for adults social care

If your social care teams are on the road visiting their patients at home or in assisted living locations and need access to each individual’s case notes and important medical and financial information, then investing in our digital care software is the perfect solution. We offer mobile and responsive lite apps within our product range to make things as easy as possible to use.

Not only does a social care case management system aid those working within your local authority, it also helps to empower those who are being cared for. With their own level of access to their case files, they can feel more in control of the level of care they are receiving and can determine their own needs and requirements directly.

…for children’s social care

The complex nature of providing care for vulnerable children can often mean time is wasted searching for vital information that could help them. At Servelec, we understand the challenges local authorities face and have worked to produce a collaborative approach to care, which helps your care providers to save time, reduce their paperwork load, minimise risks and find time to focus on what they do best – caring for children in need.

…for finance teams

Whether those providing care in your local authority are caring for adults or children, a case management system that incorporates all of their financial information can give carers a greater holistic view of each individual’s situation.

Whether this is being in control of budgets to help pay for bills or third parties, or raising purchase orders for services such as fostering placements or residential beds in care homes, by streamlining these back-office tasks, those caring can ensure everything is running smoothly.

How can a case management system help?

Whether your local authority is aiding those working in healthcare, social care, education or youth services, giving those providing care a connected view of an individual, will enable them to provide a better and more personalised level of care.

Saving time, money, reducing paperwork and putting people, not processes, at the heart of everything you do is what we focus on.

We call it digital care, and we’re by your side.

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