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Mobile Working in Children's Social Care

Mobile working in social care helps social workers to spend much more time providing essential support to children, families and carers. Giving children’s social care teams the information they need at the point of care.

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All vulnerable children, no matter where they live, deserve access to the best possible support. However, this is made more difficult as demand for children’s social care intervention continues to increase and services become overstretched, both from a financial and a caseload capacity perspective.

By providing easier access to up-to-date care records and the ability to complete documentation at the point of care, social workers can free up a significant amount of time every day.

Together with our partners Totalmobile, we’re helping local authorities deliver more efficient children’s social care services. We can do this by providing your social workers with a mobile app that enables them to update and access Mosaic records while in the community.

Our Mosaic Mobilise app can provide your social workers with the information they need on the go, to help them assess a child’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Read our Mobilise for Children's Social Care brochure to find out more.

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With its direct integration into Mosaic, the app ensures they don’t need to rely on handwritten notes that then need to be re-entered into the case management system.

This reduces the burden of administrative tasks and increases efficiency. Social workers can concentrate on delivering great care services to the children who need it. They’re rewarded with more freedom and better work-life balance.

By using modern mobile technology, Mosaic Mobilise ensures that social workers have access to up to date information wherever they are and whenever they need it. This ensures that any actions required can be taken quickly and that any decisions are better informed, ensuring better outcomes for children and young people.

We’ll work out how much you could save by using Mosaic Mobilsie as well as your potential for increasing capacity by improving efficiency.

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Key benefits

For Local Authorities

  • Provide better care – social care professionals have access to the most up-to-date and important information and can complete assessments while at the point of care
  • Secure – information is fully encrypted and securely stored on the app only for the period required by the social care professional, meaning information can’t be misplaced or accessed by third parties
  • Mosaic Mobilise - Delivers efficient care services across social care, in both adults’ and children’s services that allows time and resource to be re-utilised, spending less time on admin tasks and more time on providing support

For social workers

  • Better insight – access to the most up-to-date information at the point of care helps social workers create a more robust and personalised care plan
  • Better working environment – more time can be spent delivering care to vulnerable people, creating a more efficient and rewarding service
  • More efficient use of time - social workers can view their scheduled appointments on a map helping them plan their travel time more efficiently
  • Reduces unnecessary travel - to and from offices, saving time and reducing mileage costs

For children and families

  • Efficient service – with increased capacity across the social care department, children can receive the care they need when they need it
  • Greater trust – better informed social workers, that are focused solely on the delivery of care, means that there are less likely to be mistakes

Mobile in Adult's Social Care

Using mobile technology can significantly help social workers in Adult's Social Care as well as Children's, find out how in our guide.

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