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Mobile Working in Adult's Social Care

Mobile working allows social workers to access and update case management information at their fingertips. Giving adult’s social care teams the information they need at the point of care.

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People are living longer, which means more people need care and support in old age. This results in an ever-increasing demand on already stretched social services. Social workers are expected to do more with less, which puts pressure on the time they spend supporting people and their families. The cost of care is increasing with budgets not keeping pace, jeopardising the quality of services provided.

Adult social care is an important and complex service area, with care professionals dealing with high risk and sensitive cases daily. It’s a social worker’s responsibility to ensure all relevant case notes are recorded and kept up to date while delivering a continuous high level of service. However, this challenge is made more difficult through the need to travel to and from the office to complete large amounts of admin, such as accessing and updating records.

Together with our partners Totalmobile, we’re helping councils to deliver more efficient adult social care services, by providing social workers with a mobile solution that enables them to update and access records while in the community. Mosaic Mobilise enables social workers to provide better support to people and their families, giving them time to focus on the person they’re supporting.

Mosaic Mobilise provides easier access to up-to-date care records and enables documents or forms, such as safeguarding referrals or care plans to be completed via a mobile device. As a result, social workers can save time to enable them to do what they do best, support adults, carers and their families.

The Mosaic Mobilise app helps teams work more efficiently, removes unnecessary travel and provides the information workers need at their fingertips.

Read our Mobilise for Adult's Social Care brochure to find out more.

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Mosaic Mobilise eliminates duplicate record taking, as notes and forms are filled out at the point of contact, while integrating directly with Mosaic to update records automatically in real-time. This provides workers with more time to support people and their families – increasing their capacity and reducing the need for councils to rely on expensive agency staff.

It gives social workers access to important information at their fingertips, such as family or other professionals’ contact information as well as case note history and notes from a previous visit. Case notes can be added on the move, both for the individual and for groups and worksteps can be completed using the app. This results in simplified data entry and better informed decision making.

Social workers are empowered to be able to spend more time with the person, carers and families. This improves the experience for those that they’re working with and ensures the social worker is better informed about the person’s strengths, desired outcomes and needs.

We’ll work out how much you could save by using Mosaic Mobilsie as well as your potential for increasing capacity by improving efficiency.

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Key benefits

For Local Authorities

  • Reduce cost – removing the costs associated with admin, unnecessary travel and agency staff
  • Provide better care – social workers have access to the most up-to-date and important information and can complete forms on the go
  • Increase productivity – by removing the need for additional admin and duplicated data entry, teams spend more time delivering services

For social workers

  • Provide better care – time is spent providing support rather than struggling with admin tasks
  • Better insight – immediate access to the most up-to-date information at the point of delivery helps social workers deliver comprehensive and well-informed care plans
  • Better working environment – less unnecessary paperwork and travel helps to reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and improve work life balance

For citizens

  • Improved experience – social workers have more time to focus on supporting the person to meet their needs and achieve their outcomes
  • Efficient service – with increased capacity across the social care department, people can receive the support they need, when they need it
  • Greater trust – better informed social workers means that the person has greater confidence that they’re receiving the right care and support

Mobile in Children's Social Care

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