Improving Patient Flow

Good patient flow management is paramount in any hospital department. It’s not only important for the patient experience, but also for clinical safety and to help reduce any excess pressure on staff. During busy periods, the patient journey should be managed efficiently; this is where Flow steps in.

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Improving Patient Journeys

Our innovative solution is already improving patient flow in the emergency department of several hospitals, including St Vincent’s in Dublin, by offering live information about bed occupancy on a specialist interactive whiteboard.

Why is improving patient flow so important?

Inefficient patient journey mapping can lead to serious patient flow problems. Emergency departments’ waiting times could increase and wards can become overcrowded. In turn, this may lead to staff and services becoming overstretched, which is detrimental to both employees and patients.

With many healthcare providers relying on a combination of outdated methods such as paper documents, excel files and physical whiteboards to handle data, the patient risk is increased through potential information loss, transcribing errors and inaccessible EPR systems.

The NHS has targets to reach, such as admitting 95% of patients attending A&E and discharging or transferring patients within four hours. However, due to poor patient flow mapping, these targets are being missed.

How can our software improve the patient journey?

The integration of Flow with any current EPR system can help staff to deliver the right care, to the right patient, at the right time. It enables healthcare professionals to admit, transfer and discharge patients in real time, and allows all those involved in the care to be able to access this information.

The touchscreen digital whiteboard houses the flow software and is central to its success. The patient flow can be monitored closely, and those in need of medical care can be admitted and transferred by moving their virtual notes through the patient journey.

Patient flow in a pandemic: as the NHS widens its doors how can safety be ensured?

Sir Jonathan Michael, Independent Healthcare Consultant to Servelec, discusses the need for a new approach to elective care patient flow using digital tools.

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Manage patient information and documents centrally with Flow

Patient cards viewable on the digital whiteboard will show healthcare professionals an array of information such as the patient’s current status, any known issues, consultant information and estimated discharge date.

Staff who are based on the wards can also view this information on mobile devices. This means they aren’t constrained by their desks and can monitor patients more closely and add notes immediately, improving the patient flow in wards.

Patient safety is improved with Servelec’s Flow solution

Save money by choosing Flow to help improve your patients’ journey. A healthcare provider with 700 beds at 100% capacity could save over £2 million in three years.

Our solution is improving patient flow in the emergency department by providing quicker and more precise information, with no duplicates and better access, meaning a reduced length of stay and better patient journey.

Reduce your staff meeting times between shifts and save up to 364 hours a year, or 15 full days per person, by implementing Flow. Free your team up to do what they do best – caring for others.

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