Improve outcomes for children with special education management software

Many children and young people experience learning difficulties. Making sure children are getting the right care and help both in and out of the classroom, no matter what stage they’re at in their lives, is paramount. Inclusion and assistance in learning ensures children can make the most of their education.

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Management of Special Educational Needs

With the right special education management software and the appropriate Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP), you can give more support to vulnerable children and work towards improving Ofsted ratings. This in turn means schools can provide a better service to families, and the parents and children themselves can expect more positive and powerful outcomes.

What is SEN?

Special Educational Needs (SEN) is a term used to describe learning difficulties that make it harder for children to learn, compared to other children of the same age. Children and young people with SEN are likely to need additional or a different type of help.

The kinds of difficulties children may face include:

  • Thinking, understanding and learning
  • Physical or sensory difficulties
  • Language, speech and communication
  • Emotional or behavioural difficulties

What are the responsibilities of local authorities?

Local Authorities have a responsibility to ensure every child is given the opportunity to learn and develop, no matter what difficulties they face. Using special education software that helps to track assessments and reviews and collate an EHCP, you can help children who may need assistance, alongside schools, teachers and families.

A recent study found that children with SEN and disabilities are being failed by the system, and the Education Ombudsman has revealed it is upholding nearly 9 out of every 10 cases being investigated. This failing by local authorities has a damaging effect on children that need additional help and support and has a significant impact on their education. We understand that these problems are caused by a lack of resources, this is where special education management software can help, allowing you to get more from the limited resources you have available.

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What is special education management software?

The management of special educational needs through specialist and innovative software assists your schools in helping to create a better workflow, ensuring accurate recording of individual cases and getting a joined-up view of all services involved.

If your software is working with you, vulnerable children and young people will receive a more personalised and empathetic approach to education. Parents will feel more involved in their progress, and schools in your council will be able to improve their overall abilities.

How can Servelec’s Synergy software help?

With Synergy, our modular education management software, schools can easily and accurately record details of individual cases for students who need additional help.

Synergy helps track and manage assessment and review processes, giving you a holistic overview of all your interactions with children. The software automatically produces letters, sends reminders and alerts and produces key performance indicator information, actively working to comply with assessment process time scales, and compiling the annual SEN2 return quickly and easily.

With the ability to support at any stage in their education, and with no constraints on age, this module offers a wealth of assistance to schools and boasts a straightforward, intuitive interface which authorities across England, Wales and Scotland find easy to use. From admissions and pupil support to benefits management and early years childcare, Synergy is trusted by over 100 local councils already. Get in touch below to find out more about how we can help you.

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