How to Access the NHS Social Care Digital Pathfinders Grant

NHS Digital have invited organisations providing adult social care services to bid for a share of £4.8m of funding to enable the roll out of local digital projects on a wider scale.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the social care sector to drive innovation and interoperability between health and social care and support the Secretary of State and Health and Social Care policy paper - The future of healthcare: our vision for digital, data and technology in health and social care.

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NHS Digital is inviting applications from adult social care providers with not for profit status, local authorities and academic organisations based in England.

There are two main themes to this programme of work under which applicants can submit multiple bids for individual projects;

  1. Use of standards to support whole health and care system interoperability.
  2. Use of data for the prevention of escalating social care needs and for early intervention of those at risk of requiring social care.

The deadline for applications is 22 May 2019 - applications can be submitted here.

Servelec will support you through every step of the application process helping you maximise the opportunities to build on the development of you Mosaic Case Management System

We can provide in depth information about our solutions and current and current developments e.g. Admissions and Discharges Tracking. We will also provide cost estimates to support your application.

Some examples of products that will meet the grant criteria:

Admissions, Discharges and Withdrawals Interface – Hospital Admission and Discharge tracking and alerts


  • Reduced admin time, chasing and rekeying of information
  • Swift, accurate data
  • Reduced delayed transfers of care (DtoC), enables accurate benefit/contribution calculations, reallocation for resources for other care providers.
  • Shorter length of stays (improved bed capacity)
  • Improved patient experience (less time in hospital)
  • Improved patient outcome (less health deterioration, less risk of infection, reduced safeguarding risks)
  • Reduced cost to treat

NHS Mini Spine Interface

The NHS Spine supports the IT infrastructure for health and social care in England, joining together over 23,000 healthcare IT systems in 20,500 organisations.

Our Mosaic NHS Spine Mini Services integration uses QuickSilva middleware that links to the PDS using the NHS number. The integration provides the following functionality;

  • Person PDS search
  • Creating external person from retrieved PDS details
  • NHS number verification
  • View current PDS details
  • NHS number tracing

Health Viewer (Orion, Cerner, GraphNet) for Mosaic - Servelec provides a quick, simple way to see shared care records and health history within the Mosaic case management system. It connects social care and the multiple data entries of GP, hospital and outpatient care into a simple, single view.


  • Deliver against government policy and manage administrative and care functions more effectively
  • Integrate health and social care records effectively
  • Reduce time-consuming manual processes and human error
  • Improve service user’s experience by delivering holistic care through an integrated system
  • Reduce associated costs of integrations with myriad other systems that need to be updated
  • Improve data accuracy as data copied between systems often becomes out of date, deliver more effective, better decision making
  • Improve security by eliminating the need to share information using non-secure methods
  • Focus on care rather than administration
  • Use a more holistic view that promotes multiagency working through integration
  • Get immediate access to data that would otherwise be unavailable, difficult to obtain or missed in the assessment and planning process
  • Improved patient experience by allowing carers to deliver more consistent, effective holistic care.
  • Increase patient confidence in the ‘system’ and reducing the need to repeat information to multiple practitioners

Conexes Enterprise - Enables a safe, secure environment to share data between various systems and mobile apps to deliver an integrated approach to patient care.  It connects social care and the multiple data entries of GP, hospital and outpatient care into a simple way to see shared care records and history stored on a number of systems.


  • Helps you deliver on the digital agenda to improve interoperability by integrating data from numerous interfaces as well as third-party solutions
  • Provides improved accuracy in the patient record system for more efficient data entry
  • Saves money, time and resources
  • Enables mobile working to reduce inefficiencies
  • Ensures medical practitioners have the patient’s full set of information available to them to deliver more consistent and effective care
  • Holistic approach delivers a better outcome
  • Improves reassurance and confidence in the service

Mosaic Professional Portal - The Mosaic Portal provides the ability for a customer to provide a range of features to users outside of Mosaic with tight integration to Mosaic. Professional Portal provides the ability for a local authority to provide access to external agencies to complete forms for entry into Mosaic without manual processes of re-entering the data into Mosaic.

Professional Portal may include “subjectless” forms, for example, providing the police with access to initiate casework without having a pre-identified Mosaic citizen record to associate work with.  Professional Portal also allows forms related to specific Mosaic citizen records, pushing forms to the appropriate partner to be completed online as part of a workflow, for example, requesting a Mental Health assessment from a partner mental health organisation. Professionals accessing the portal have the ability to view appropriate portions of the records of citizens with whom they have an appropriate organisational relationship.


  • Reduced admin time, faxing/posting/chasing and task duplication/rekeying information.
  • Improved, timely collaboration and information sharing with partner agencies
  • Improved patient experience (faster service, reduced repetition of information provision)
  • Collaborate with other professionals to carry out more efficient, complete case management with 360 degree view of a case
  • Improve workflow with ease, accuracy and speed
  • Submit information to initiate a workflow in Mosaic without having access to the database
  • Add to the auditable trail of an individual’s case
  • Ensure that data remains secure and users access remains under the local authority’s control

Provider Portal - Mosaic provides a fully integrated and flexible Provider Portal to support end-to-end finance management for social services and partner organisations including health and education. It supports finance teams in commissioning, paying and charging and can be used to manage providers and contracts, authorisation and schemes of delegations, budgets and charts of account structures, as well as control all financial elements related to the delivery of social care. Significantly reducing the admin burden on providers, allows them to focus on delivering care.


  • Improved efficiency, reducing administration and management of social care provider payments
  • Automated checking of claims for payment against the planned service or the ‘commitment’
  • Real time information – actuals are passed forward automatically to inform the client billing process, leading to fast, more accurate payments
  • Visit-level information is available for use during disputes with service users and within management reporting
  • Full visibility – see historic and current payments and occupancy levels including start/end dates and monetary values
  • Accurate payments and no more posting/faxing - remittances are published online with email alerts, so providers can check/query payment before it being made, reducing under/over payment admin
  • Automatic suspension of payment where the claim exceeds the plan/budget
  • Efficient processing of claims within budget to allow staff to focus on resolving claims over budget

Mosaic Business Intelligence - Analysing data is complicated and presents challenges in tracking progress and identifying trends. Servelec’s Mosaic Business Intelligence tool helps local authorities to transform key data into easily insightful and timely information to give a clear view across social care and integrated services, empowering informed decisions to improve outcomes.


  • Identify trends, pressure points to target resources to improve outcomes
  • Track progress over time
  • Combine data from multiple contexts e.g. LAs, 3rd party systems etc to visualise the bigger picture
  • Gain insight into distinct groups to help identify trends
  • Gain a better understanding of the needs, or areas, in order to deliver more effective case management
  • Create dashboards using the simple ‘drag and drop’ feature without requiring specialist technical knowledge 

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