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The healthcare software landscape is changing – and with more focus on digital transformation to further help your trust, the appropriate software can work to improve the overall level of service and care offered to patients and those most vulnerable. It can also empower patients, helping them to feel more in control of their care.

The health and care system must use data and technology to seamlessly improve and transform the way in which patients receive care and continued support. This will help trusts work towards the digital transformation detailed in the NHS Long Term Plan.

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How do healthcare software solutions help trusts deliver more patient-focused care?

Healthcare software systems are able to give carers in your trust a more complete digital picture of a person. From helping those who need specialist care get the appropriate referrals from their GP, to community support and advice for those providing mental health care, with the right healthcare software solutions in place, you can save time, reduce paperwork and minimise potential risks.

Implementing this type of software helps trusts to give patients and those most vulnerable more control over their health and well-being, while enabling carers and health professionals to do what they do best – care for others.

By using patient data in a more streamlined and forward-thinking way, we can work together to transform the quality and reduce the costs of health and care services across the country.

Why is this important?

This technological step forward also offers great benefits for the patients themselves, allowing the individual much more control over their care, working towards a key part of the NHS Long Term plan, empowering people. By using software, those in your care are able to gain online access to clinicians and their personalised health information and use digital tools to get advice that helps them to better manage their conditions. All these things will help to transform the way in which health and care is provided to those in need.

What is integrated personal commissioning?

Integrated personal commissioning (IPC) is a nationally led, locally delivered programme that supports healthcare empowerment across health, social care and the voluntary and community sector.

Making sure services are tailored to people’s individual needs, IPC allows those being cared for a more involved role in their own health and well-being, as well as a greater control over the care they receive.

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What is Electronic Patient Record Software?

Watch our product animation to find out how our Rio Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system is helping trusts across the country.

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What is EPR software?

A common problem facing some parts of our healthcare system is the disconnected way in which patient information is recorded and stored. Some care settings still rely too heavily on outdated processes including paper trails to keep notes on patients’ care schedules, medical and personal information.

This causes many problems, including misinformation, incorrect medicine administering, elongated stays for patients and many extra administrative tasks. EPR software works to solve these issues and holds only one electronic patient record per person, keeping all of a patient’s important personal and medical information in one single, accessible place.

By adopting the appropriate healthcare software solutions, trusts and local authorities will be ensuring they’re working towards the NHS’ Paperless Target for 2020.

Why are healthcare software solutions important to aid mental health in patients?

Mental health is a deeply complex matter with biological, psychological and social considerations. Mental health is now a priority in the NHS’ Long Term Plan, with an increase in funding to help tackle issues. Services provided to those in need must become more integrated, with primary and community health, as well as other involved services, needing to work more efficiently together.

Digitally enabled care must become more mainstream, with online consultations, remote monitoring and support and trend analysis becoming a reality. With healthcare software systems in place, healthcare providers and care services will be able to provide a more personal level of care, as well as offering those getting help a more prominent and empowering role themselves.

Mood Diary App

In partnership with TotalMobile, we have created the Mood Diary App for Rio, which helps to support your patient's mental well-being, giving them access to their safety plan and emergency contacts when they need them. It also allows you to see a record of their mood between conversations, giving you a full picture of their mental health so you can make early interventions.

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How does joining multiple solutions help?

By joining healthcare software solutions together, rich patient data is available to be shared between multiple health and social care organisations. This single point of access allows clinicians, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to see vital patient information no matter whether they’re in a hospital, out in the community or in the comfort of the patient’s home.

This joining of systems also ensures GPs have access to data from important hospital visits, which in turn improves the level of care provided and allows GPs to make more informed treatment decisions.

The important integration of these systems will help improve overall patient care and safety and make it much easier for clinicians in different specialisms to work together to provide the best holistic patient care possible.

Servelec – together for digital care

Operating in the healthcare, social care, education and youth services sectors, our integrated and innovative healthcare software services and case management software are fully interoperable and have helped trusts and local authorities improve their overall care. We believe in collaboration and are passionate about enabling care providers to do what they do best, care for others.

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