Healthcare Software for Private Healthcare Environments

We understand how crucial access to real time quality data and patient information are to support effective and safe management of patient pathways. Our modern and innovative IT solutions support clinicians and operational teams provide optimum patient care. Effective information supports clinicians to make quicker, more informed and safer decisions for patients.

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Providing a Holistic View

We offer two innovative Healthcare solutions Flow, our real time Bed Care Solution and Rio, our Electronic Patient Record system. Flow provides a holistic view of beds and wards while Rio equips clinicians with mobile access including e-prescribing.

We join up Consultant and Clinic private practice with private healthcare Providers for a seamless patient care journey and exceptional patient experience. Flow allows Private Healthcare Providers visibility across entire estates for accurate clinical resource planning and the ability to forecast resources effectively. By implementing our solutions, you enable real time reporting and data audit that support the effective management of assets.


Rio and Conexes

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Rio supports the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, electronic health record (EHR) to enable high quality and efficient healthcare provision. A leading electronic patient record system for secondary care, it operates across mental health, child health and community care settings and interoperates easily with other systems. Rio manages both administrative and clinical processes and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.

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Interoperability within healthcare is key, with Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, making it his top priority. Joining up systems across the public sector and the private sector is fundamental for clinicians to be able to access data on patients irrespective of care provider. By using our Rio and Conexes solutions, you can integrate all healthcare providers with private practices, meaning that real time data can be accessed in real time by every professional that cares for a patient. We call this digital care and we’re by your side.

Key Benefits

  • Real time integration and access for clinicians
  • Joins up private practice Consultants/Clinics seamlessly with private healthcare providers
  • Mobile App - All patient information is at your fingertips, integrated with the tools you need to use every day, to deliver care regardless of location
  • ePMA module – allows for prescribing to be integrated into the EPR ensuring the correct information is always available, and preventing costly prescribing errors

Learn how Servelec have helped CSH Surrey a not for profit community services provide to integrate their systems to ensure true interoperability and better care for patients in our case study.

Our Rio Electronic Patient Record has underpinned CSH Surrey’s community service to children and families for ten years. Each child is supported by a completely personal digital health record.

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Servelec’s patient flow and bed Care solution, Flow, supports hospital teams to deliver the right care to the right patient, at the right time. The efficient use and management of flow supports clinical decision making and supports the safe and optimised delivery of private healthcare provision.

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Patient flow in clinical settings gives clinicians and operational teams real time information on patients allowing prioritisation and organisation of all associated tasks for more efficient patient care. Flow enables clinicians to save time with effective information when caring for patients. Our Flow solution works on digital whiteboards, and mobile devices, to create the right environment for healthcare providers to standardise data capture, digitally manage the supply and demand of beds and provide timely information so teams can work collaboratively to deliver safe and effective care to patients.

Key Benefits

  • Gives you the ability to provide optimum and high-quality patient care
  • Support resource planning (e.g. reduce large spend on short notice agency nursing requirements etc.)
  • Visibility across entire estate for resource planning
  • Operational task management
  • Support effective patient pathway management, especially for Insurance and Embassy sponsored patients
  • Allows for efficient patient flow to allow maximum use of available beds/assets

Learn how St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin are delivering a smoother transition for patients through real-time information of bed availability in our case study.

Servelec’s patient flow and bed care software has given the frontline team a digital way of managing beds - enabling the admission, transfer and discharge of its patients and a better, safer experience.

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Improving Outcomes

Innovative IT systems support clinicians to make informed and safer decisions. Information can be inputted at the point of care using our mobile app, meaning it is there when it is needed by clinicians at the point of care. This gives private patients a safer, more tailored personalised and improved experience.

Using systems to improve data quality and auditing can help to uplift a CQC report. The CQC analyse data that indicates whether the care people are receiving is safe, effective, caring, responsive to their needs and well-led. Servelec solutions can help you to provide safer and more effective care, giving clinicians more time to be more responsive to patient’s needs. They also allow you to have real time patient information that can show the care you offer meets these requirements at your fingertips.

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