EPR (Electronic Patient Records)

For healthcare trusts and providers still using written records and charts, an electronic patient record (EPR) system has the potential to help improve outcomes for patients in your care. Servelec’s Rio EPR is a fully-integrated clinical information solution, which supports the delivery of secondary care across child, community and mental health.

With centralised electronic health records for every patient, information is quick and simple to access when required – helping to enhance care quality, clinical safety and patient experience. By connecting processes and systems, EPR can make the administration of care more efficient – providing highly effective EPR systems for the mental health and community care sectors in England.

How does EPR work?

Rio is the integrated EPR software solution from Servelec that’s been designed to support NHS trusts in achieving the targets detailed in the NHS Long-Term Plan. It has the scope to oversee both administrative and clinical processes, as well as being tailored to your specific needs.

The Rio EPR system combines several apps, modules, portals and mobile solutions in a way that best connects secondary care, GP and social care systems. It means that practitioners at every stage of the care-giving process can see details of previous treatment without delay.

Electronic health records will typically hold information about the health of an individual patient: medication, inpatient appointments, test and x-ray results and other elements from the medical history in question. EPR entries can then be shared and give a holistic view of a patient’s health.

Why use the Rio EPR system?

The Rio EPR system has numerous benefits for healthcare trusts and providers who are looking to provide the best and most efficient secondary care to patients.

By providing one centralised electronic patient record, Rio can integrate data from other public sector systems for a simple, efficient overview of patient medical records. This data can be accessed and updated in real-time from a laptop, tablet or smartphone via a secure browser or app connection.

The Rio system is enhanced by a suite of apps and modules with the potential to save precious time and money. For example, the eObservations module means nurses no longer need to take observations on paper and could save trusts £650,000 per year.

One of the fundamental benefits of electronic patient record systems is how much time it gives back to practitioners to offer higher quality, patient-centred care. Better data management and easier access informs decision making, reduces costs and enhances the patient experience.

Rio EPR System: Where can it be used?

Nurse using EPR

The Rio EPR system has numerous applications across the healthcare sector. From the delivery of patient-focused care on inpatient wards with eObservations to a Crisis Communications app that makes working within the community much more efficient.

Our EPR software can also streamline the communication and results reporting between trusts and local pathology or radiology services. Not only that, our ePMA module is working to make prescriptions safer by promoting the availability of correct information.

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