ePMA - Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration

Ensuring that patients receive the correct medication at the right time is a fundamental part of delivering care safely. By introducing the right technology, trusts are able to manage prescriptions and medications digitally, reducing the risks of incorrect medication being given.

ePMA software can also reduce costs. A report in 2015 estimated the national figure for pharmaceutical waste to be a staggering £300 million; electronic prescribing systems in hospitals, doctors surgeries and other healthcare establishments would help to reduce this wastage drastically.

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What are the challenges facing the NHS and prescribing?

Without joined up systems, healthcare professionals across all disciplines are hindered; precious time is wasted, and mistakes can be made. Without an electronic prescribing and medicine administration system, duplications and errors can be made, both of prescriptions and staff efforts. These duplications and errors put patients at risk, decrease the delivery of efficient care and increase costs.

Delayed discharge costs hospitals around £234 per bed per day, and a contributing factor to these delays are medication prescriptions – whether that’s on admission, changes during a patient’s treatment and/or on discharge. All of these require recording to give a complete picture for the next carer, whether that be the GP, a community nurse or social care provider. An ePMA solution can populate all of these records automatically, saving time and money.

Patients can also be put at risk if prescribing is delayed or completed incorrectly. Healthcare professionals spend hours locating, retrieving and processing data. Implementing the right software solution can speed up the time spent prescribing medication and help to alleviate errors.

What are the benefits of electronic prescribing systems?

There are a many benefits in adopting ePMA solutions. By doing so, clinicians are able to access decision support whenever they need it, for example the FDB (First Databank) Multilex lookup and the default dosages of specific drugs.

Nurses will benefit from the medication administration record being clear and updates to prescriptions being available immediately. This also offers those receiving care further peace of mind that the medication they are receiving is not only correct, but of the appropriate dosage too.

In hospitals, eprescribing systems simplify the production of prescriptions and support the timely supply of medicines to wards. They allow for a holistic view of a patient and enable those caring to easily review previous medication history.

How Servelec’s ePMA solution can help

Our ePMA solution currently works in collaboration with our electronic patient record system – Rio. A patient in your care will have one overarching record on the platform, ensuring their prescription details and any other information stays with them as they move across services.

By adopting this software, your healthcare professionals will have real-time, up-to-date information about their patients, including their prescribed medications, no matter where they are in their journey - as well as crucial information around their drug administration schedule.

With the reliance on paper-based processes reducing in accordance with the NHS’ paperless target, it has become increasingly important for nursing staff and others to access medicine information for each patient no matter what time it may be, or where they may be based.

Our electronic prescribing system allows healthcare professionals to access this information wherever they are on the ward or in the community, as well as during periods of planned or unplanned system downtime. The business continuity module allows your nursing staff to continue to provide care even if there are local power or network outages.

Access to important and often life-critical information within the ward, back office and at the patient’s bed side is key to supporting and ultimately improving patient care. By using an ePMA solution, healthcare professionals are able to provide a better level of care to those in need.

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