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Rio Mobilise is improving staff wellbeing at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Clinicians at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust are transforming the way they provide care with Rio Mobilise.

It's giving teams more time to provide better care to their patients and enabling staff to complete all their work within their contracted hours. Watch our case study video to find out more.


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Why the Trust chose Rio Mobilise

The Trust were previously using old, heavy and slow laptops and information from appointments was not as easily accessible to any other clinician that needed it.

Using Rio Mobilise, data can be captured offline and once internet connection is restored, immediately added into their Rio Electronic Patient Record System (EPR) to be available to any of the clinicians within the Trust.

How Rio Mobilise is helping the Trust

Rio Mobilise gives staff access to their list of appointments for the day, allowing them to plan and reduce travel time. It also gives information at the point of care, enabling them to give the right support to their patients.

Duncan Robinson, Director of Digital Technology at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust commented, "It's hugely important that we can give staff the time that they need to do their job within their contracted hours, not having to work additional hours just to keep up. Rio Mobilise enables us to do that"

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