How we are helping our local govenment customers respond to COVID-19

As you, our customers, work tirelessly on the frontline to face the challenges COVID-19 presents, we wanted to let you know we’re listening and we’re here to help – ready to do all we can to tackle this together. Here we'll lay out what you’ve told us is important or needed at this time, how we can support you with it, and how you can work with us so we can make a difference where it counts.

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Social Care

Mosaic Portal – enabling the care community

The current problem

Social distancing means an increased risk of family abuse, neglect and domestic violence, plus extra concern about vulnerable adults who are more at risk due to isolation.

But supporting vulnerable people with restrictions and less resource is a real challenge. Your social workers can’t be everywhere at once.

How Servelec can help

Mosaic Portal allows anybody to submit safeguarding information about a person online. Once submitted the information passes directly into Mosaic. It can be used to manage low-level admin more effectively and reduce the number of incoming phone calls to your council.


To help, we’ve developed six new forms to capture information about vulnerable people and COVID-19. They’re available now through Mosaic Portal and can be implemented immediately. This will help you safeguard more people at risk of harm, isolation and neglect during this challenging time.

What to do next

We’re giving our Mosaic Portal customers access to our six COVID-19 response forms free of charge, subject to consultancy and professional service fees.


Mosaic Portal in action

Essex County Council implemented the Mosaic Portal and now receive 3,000 referrals a month online.

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Supporting the social care response to COVID-19

As the care sector continues to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, Julie Tyas, registered social worker and Senior Strategy Lead at Servelec discusses how we’re helping to support local authorities by quickly responding to changing guidance

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Read our product literature for the Mosaic Portal

Mosaic Portal's core functionality supports three types of users: citizens, professionals and service providers. It cuts costs and speeds up vital processes. It allows efficient multi-agency working and puts your clients in charge of their own decision making.

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Providing remote access to Mosaic – supporting your teams to work at their best, remotely

The current problem

Your IT infrastructure could make it hard for social workers to access their Mosaic case management system while working from home.

How Servelec can help

Servelec hosted customers can now access Mosaic without the need to go through local authority networks and firewalls by using secure two-factor authentication to access Mosaic via the web.


This reduces the number of workers that must travel to the office or access Mosaic through an overloaded VPN.

What to do next

To enquire, please contact your account manager.

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Watch our video to learn how Mosaic two-factor authentication is set up

Getting set up with two-factor authentication is simple using Mosaic Duo. To find out more, get in touch with your account manager.

Supporting COVID-19 hospital discharge service requirements

The current problem

It has never been more important for trusts to free up acute beds as efficiently as possible to increase capacity for treating COVID-19 patients.

How Servelec can help

Through our Conexes interoperability platform we enable seamless information flow between acute hospitals and social care, speeding up the transfer of care. Using pre-configured cloud-based APIs, we’re able to take information from an acute hospital’s patient system and transfer messages to Mosaic.


Councils and hospitals can respond directly, populating care records automatically. This ensures that when a person is clinically safe to be discharged the information is relayed as soon as possible, supporting the Government’s ‘discharge to assess’ model.

What to do next

To help your neighbouring acute hospital speed up the transfer of care and free up bed capacity, just tell us what type of information they can export and the format it needs to be in. We can then adjust our APIs to support your needs.To discuss, please contact your account manager



Read our product literature for Conexes | ADW.

Last year, 20.8% of all transfer of care delays were due to patients waiting for a care package in their own home. Conexes Assessment Discharge and Withdrawal (ADW) is a cost-effective interoperability solution that reduces delays in the transfer of care. Efficient information flow in healthcare and social care improves patient well-being and reduces the costs associated with delayed discharge.

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Mosaic Mobilise

The current problem

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on an already-stretched social care system. While most regular activity is being undertaken virtually, social workers must continue to conduct home visits and assessments for the most vulnerable. There’s a need to help them work efficiently and flexibly at this trying time.

How Servelec can help

Mosaic Mobilise integrates seamlessly with Mosaic and allows your practitioners to access and update key information at the point of care. It reduces duplication of effort and minimises unnecessary travel by allowing social workers to complete work steps and update records wherever they are.


Read our product literature for Mosaic Mobilise

We’re helping local authorities across the UK to deliver more efficient care services by providing social workers with a mobile app. It gives access to vital information and the flexibility to update care records while in the community.

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Mosaic Mobilise-lite

The current problem

Councils are facing difficulties with social worker shortages and are under increasing pressure to deliver services to the most vulnerable adults and children.

How Servelec can help

Mosaic Mobilise-lite is a temporary streamlined version of the Mosaic Mobilise app, designed for rapid deployment with minimum effort. It gives social workers and other professionals the opportunity to record case notes in Mosaic at the point of care. This could be used by relief staff or incumbent social workers to update care records without rekeying data as information captured is passed automatically into Mosaic.


Our COVID-19 statement

Our message to our public service customers, is that Servelec is here to help.

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