How we are helping our healthcare customers respond to COVID-19

As you, our customers, work tirelessly on the frontline to face the challenges COVID-19 presents, we wanted to let you know we’re listening and we’re here to help – ready to do all we can to tackle this together. Here we'll lay out what you’ve told us is important or needed at this time, how we can support you with it, and how you can work with us so we can make a difference where it counts. 

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Mental health


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Mental health & community hospitals

Mood Diary App for Rio


Rio Mobilise

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Immediate Changes to Rio

We’re also supporting our customers by making rapid changes to our core Rio platform, including:

  • Updating all our customers’ Rio systems with the latest SNOMED and ICD10 codes to help you record and report on COVID-19 cases.
  • Enabling staff access to all wards, services and team information to assist staff working across mulitple services simultaneously
  • Providing access to COVID-19 related letters to all staff to increase the rate of processing
  • Creating new forms and reports to assist with new reporting requirements

Emergency legislation has been introduced to Parliament which includes temporary measures to change the Mental Health Act. Peter Harper, Clincial Applications Specialist at Servelec and registered mental health clinician, has written a piece to explain these changes and how to record information in Rio.

For more information, or to request support, please contact:

For mental health

Mood Diary App for Rio - Know how your patients are feeling, in real-time

The current problem   How Servelec can help   What to do next
Your mental health clients need your support more than ever. And with resources redirected to assist critical care, capturing and sharing information about them is likely to be challenging.   The Mood Diary App for Rio helps patients track how they’re feeling with a simple mood recording function. It also gives them suggestions to alleviate low mood and lists emergency contacts. All the data they enter into it is automatically stored in Rio as part of their clinical record, making it available across the trust.   We’re giving our customers free use of the Mood Diary App for six months, with a two year contract. That means for the first six months, all you’ll pay is the implementation charge of £12,500. To enquire, contact your account manager.


Mood Diary App in action

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has registered 60 mental health patients with the Mood Diary App for Rio since November 2019.


Servelec and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust launch The Mood Diary, a new mobile app to support safer care in mental health services

The Mood Diary App is helping patients in Berkshire to take greater control of their mental health with the aim of supporting reduction in suicide and self harm.

> Read more about our partnership with Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Read our product literature for the Mood Diary App

All Mental Health Trusts in England have a Zero Suicide Programme, which aims to help reduce the risk of self-harm and patient suicides. Our Mood Diary App for Rio helps to support your patient's mental well-being, giving them access to their safety plan and emergency contacts when they need them. It also allows you to see a record of their mood between conversations, giving you a full picture of their mental health so you can make early interventions.

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For community workers

Rio Mobilise - Access and record essential information anywhere

The current problem

Community services are overstretched and many non-critical activities have been suspended so staff can be diverted to provide urgent care. But community workers are fulfilling a vital role in fighting COVID-19. More than ever, they need the tools to do their job as efficiently as possible.

How Servelec can help

We can rapidly deploy our Rio Mobilise App so that your community workers can access a selection of your current Rio forms anytime, anywhere. This means they can record information at the point of care which then automatically updates the person’s care record in Rio.

What to do next

We’ve simplified our Rio Mobilise solution and reduced the price. This means by using pre-configured APIs we can deploy it within days, not weeks. To enquire, please contact your account manager.



Servelec and Totalmobile empowers Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust with a rapid deployment of their Rio Mobilise Solution

Rio Mobilise, deployed in just 6 days, will add mobile capability to its Physical Health Community Nursing services, easing pressure for the Trust in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

> Read more about our partnership with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

Read our product literature for the Mobilise App

Rio Mobilise helps healthcare providers using Rio EPR improve efficiency for teams or staff that deliver services in the community. Mobile working in health and social care enables community nurses to complete their work, collaborate with colleagues and stay in contact all via one mobile device from any location, at any time.

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Providing access to shared care records

The current problem

By providing access to shared records carers spend less time chasing information and patient safety is improved. With the fast-changing demands of providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic it’s never been more important for health professionals to be able to access complete care records, when they need to.

How Servelec can help

Through our Conexes interoperability platform we can provide access to patient data across all care settings in Rio. Through a range of interfaces with other software providers we make sure any record can easily be viewed and, depending on permissions, updated without the user needing to switch system

What to do next

To enquire about shared care records, speak to your account manager.




Read our product literature for Conexes | Shared Care Record Integrations

Conexes Shared Care Record Integrations enables seamless integration for digital health and care records to help you free up care professionals to do what they do best, care for others. Sharing records between providers significantly improves the experience for people needing care, regardless of their needs and where they are in their journey.

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For mental health and community health

Flow - Helping to optimise patient flow during crisis

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COVID-19 is placing an unprecedented demand on all health services meaning beds and equipment are now at capacity. Keeping track of people and their condition is crucial in combating COVID-19.   Our solution provides a real-time view of bed occupancy and interfaces with existing patient administration systems and departmental solutions. Flow is now optimised to help staff track all COVID-19 patients and quickly identify what stage they are at with the illness.   If your trust needs help with improving bed management and patient flow at this critical time, please speak to your account manager.



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Watch our video to learn more about Flow

Flow provides a real-time view of bed occupancy to help improve the quality of patient care, reduce risk and save time. Flow interfaces with the existing patient administration systems and departmental solutions to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.

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Partners - using virtual agents to reduce demand on telephone services

The current problem

All healthcare organisations are currently facing an unmanageable volume of inbound enquiries related to COVID-19, either seeking information about their own symptoms or to reach stretched appointment management services.

These teams need access to digital tools to reach patients and signpost them to self-help resources promoting mental health, physical health and well-being coping techniques.


How Servelec and can help

Through our partnership with our virtual agent supplier, we can provide you with automated virtual agents that can be plugged into your website. The virtual agent can field COVID-19 related enquiries and hold a conversation with the user through a live web chat engine, reducing the demand on your telephone services.

What to do next

Contact our sales advisor, Murray McLauchlan to find out more:


Join the conversation

We’ve seen a number of support networks created in response to the current situation as the NHS and technology community come together to support one another.

Covid19support message board

This message board has been setup to help the NHS and private sector organisations communicate and work more closely together. NHS staff are encouraged to list what they need and private organisations will list what they can offer.

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A Slack collaboration site that has been set up between NHSX, TechUK and the Department for International Trade to encourage collaboration between the NHS and technology suppliers.

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If you require a change to your existing Servelec software to help you respond to COVID-19, then please contact our Customer Support Team on the below email address, or raise a ticket through the Sunrise support portal:

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