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Below you'll find a list of solutions we've developed to help you work more efficiently as you respond to COVID-19.

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We've reconfigured a number of our solutions and developed new ones to help you work more efficiently as you respond to COVID-19




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Supporting remote teams


Improving people’s lives with technology that matters

A message from our CEO, Ian Crichton

As you, our customers, work tirelessly on the frontline to face the challenges COVID-19 presents, I wanted to let you know we’re listening and we’re here to help – ready to do all we can to tackle this together. Here, you'll find information about what you’ve told us is important or needed at this time, how we can support you with it, and how you can work with us so we can make a difference where it counts.

By your side with our core software and services

We know that you already look to us to provide solutions which are vital to the smooth running of the care you provide. You can rely on our core software and services as you always have. We know that they’ve never been more important and you have our commitment that we will continue to deliver without missing a beat, with processes in place to ensure continuity of service at this critical time.

At your service to adapt and develop

While we stand by your side to maintain business as usual, we also know that you need us to be flexible and react to requirements and needs you may not have had before. We’re a team of people passionate about developing software solutions which make a difference – and we’re at your service with no agenda. We’re already working with many of you to do exactly this – making emergency tweaks to our existing software, enabling visibility of different information and joining up systems to talk to one another.  Tell us how we can help and we stand ready to partner with you, prioritising rapid development and deployment where we know it will matter most.

Together for digital care

While there is a lot of uncertainty about the weeks and months ahead, we couldn’t be more proud to stand beside you and help in any way we can. Our heartfelt thanks for the incredible work you are doing in the most difficult of times. Let’s keep talking so we can focus on what you need and how we can work together to improve digital care right now when it is needed the most. 


Caring for the carers: How Servelec is responding to the challenges of COVID-19

Our message to our public service customers, is that Servelec is here to help.

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