Social Care

Servelec understands just how difficult life can be as a social worker, especially when faced with the additional burden of funding pressures and productivity challenges.

We aim to dramatically improve this through our integrated workflow system – a case management software solution that provides you with a full and clear picture of an individual, their family ecosystem in both their current and historic circumstances.


> We call this Digital Care

A personalised, digital approach to social care

Servelec has developed a digital case management system that puts people, not processes, at the heart of everything you do.

Mosaic is the first system to incorporate information on an individual, their immediate family and finances in one place, giving you a single view of a person’s situation and their environment.

A fully integrated approach

Mosaic also interoperates with healthcare and education management software, so no matter if your case involves a child or an adult or a whole family, you’ll be able to find the information you need faster than before.

Introducing Digital Care

We call our approach to connected social care, Digital Care, and our case management system will help you to save time, reduce paperwork, minimise risks and create clear pathways that can be constantly monitored.

A highly rated solution

Servelec has the ambition to be the most customer-focused, interoperable vendor in health, social care and education. To date, 78 local authorities use Mosaic. Of these 87% are rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.

Coming soon – information on the go

In the near future, Mosaic will become a fully mobile solution, allowing social workers to access key social care data on laptops, tablets and smartphones, whatever their location.

Customer-Led Configuration

Mosaic’s Customer-Led Configuration is a toolkit of effective ways of working, drawn from Local Authorities and curated by Servelec. We collate and share new forms and workflows that are proven to work well. You can then choose to use the ones that fit your exact requirements. We work with you to continually develop our Customer-Led Configuration so Mosaic will remain relevant as your needs change. For new users, it helps make implementation simpler, faster and more cost effective, while effortlessly meeting all statutory requirements.

Supporting the way you work

Servelec collaborated with the Munro, Turnell and Murphy partnership, to deliver the first fully compliant Signs of Safety IT recording tool. This provides local authorities with a system that’s aligned to their practice model.

By continuously working with local authorities, we can develop the functionality in Mosaic to support initiatives, including the Reclaiming Social Work model, the Family Safeguarding Workbook and the Three Conversations model.

To discover more about Mosaic, our social care case management system, and improve the way you work, click here.

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