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Working with you to deliver better care in Scotland through integrated health records.

Rio supports the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, electronic health record.

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Rio Electronic Patient Record

Rio supports the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, electronic health record. We work in partnership with our Scottish customers to help develop Rio functionality that supports community health, child health and mental health teams work more efficiently. Delivering a more integrated, health and social care service with the person at the centre of all decisions.

Configurability is at the core of Rio, giving the ability to follow your local Health Board’s specific requirements and processes, to help you get the most out of your system. Rio helps you improve outcomes by providing a holistic view of the patients in your care across all care settings, and accessed anywhere, anytime, we support our customers to do what you do best, care for others.

Rio for mental health

Rio enables fully interoperable mental health records that can be accessed at the point of care. It’s compliant with the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act including emergency detentions, short-term detentions, compulsory treatment orders, independent advocacy, named persons, mental health tribunals, rights of carers, and mental health officers. Rio also provides support for the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 in relation to Welfare Guardianship, Financial Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Medical Treatment.

Our Scottish customers use Rio to provide real-time information and alerts to aid faster, safer decision making, by providing a holistic picture of patients in their care. We work together with our customers to make any changes required to Rio, so that it supports them in delivering quality care and improved outcomes.

Rio for Community Health

Rio supports all elements and services within community health, such as community nursing and allied health professionals, providing them with the right information and the tools to deliver care where it’s needed in the community. Rio gives community hospitals the ability to accept referrals and refer out to community teams, enhancing the experience with the seamless, one patient record.

Working with you to deliver better care in Scotland through integrated health records.

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Rio Mobilise

Together with our partner Totalmobile, we have created a modern app for community and mental health clinicians, that links seamlessly to Rio, providing key information to healthcare professionals at the point of care.

Rio Mobilise provides access to all relevant patient records, patient records, meaning clinicians can complete assessment forms and update visit records at the point of care; reducing unnecessary administration and enabling workers to spend more time providing care. Rio Mobilise allows information to be viewed both on and offline, enabling clinicians to make better informed decisions and provide outstanding care to their patients.

Rio Mood Diary App

Working with our partner, Totalmobile, we have developed the Mood Diary App for Rio to support patients receiving mental health services. Patients can record their mood and factors affecting their feelings using a discreet application on their mobile device as well as viewing their care and treatment plan. Integrated with Rio, the patient’s health record is kept updated with the information recorded in their mood diary and healthcare professionals can use this information to improve their support plans and provide better care.

Rio for Child Health

Rio provides one centralised health record to support the healthy development of a child. Recording child health interactions, from automatically integrating new birth information in health records, to managing the standard set of interventions, such as immunisations, and health reviews. Rio will be used across all Scottish health boards for a real-time view of a child and their family, supporting the NHS National Services Scotland (NSS)in delivering quality care and improving outcomes for Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing.

Rio Child and Public Health System to support NHS Boards in Scotland

“Servelec’s Rio software was selected through public procurement to deliver the new Child and Public Health system that will support Scotland’s Routine Childhood Immunisation Programme and Universal Health Visiting Pathway. When it has been configured to meet the requirements of these programmes, NHS Boards will be able to provide their healthcare professionals with access to a single, centrally held instance of a Scotland-wide, life-long immunisation record. This will ensure they have access to up-to-date information to aid their decision making. Over time, efficiencies will also be achieved through increased direct entry of information and reduction of paper-heavy processes.” - Delivery lead for implementation

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Key benefits

For Health Boards

  • Provide better, safer, patient-centred care
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies
  • Enable mobile and multi-agency working
  • Meet Scottish government policy and the NHS Scotland’s Digital Health and Care strategy
  • Manage data efficiently

For practitioners

  • Access up-to-date patient information at the point of care
  • Improve decision making with better quality data
  • Work efficiently, while on the move, with best practice workflows
  • Focus on providing patient care by making admin processes more efficient
  • Avoid duplication and errors caused by multiple records

For patients

  • Increased confidence in the health system through better service delivery
  • One clear picture of their health for consistent and effective care
  • Opportunity to self-manage their care, improving outcomes


Working openly and collaboratively, we can securely share information between our own systems and third-party solutions, allowing you to work smarter and more efficiently. Find out more about our approach to interoperability in Scotland.

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Flow for Mental and Community Health

Our patient flow and bed management solution, Flow, provides clinicians with a real-time view to help deliver the right care to the right patient, at the right time. Flow displays relevant information recorded in Rio and provides a joined-up approach to delivering patient care by sharing data across systems. The modern solution works on digital whiteboards and mobile devices to create the right environment for any care settings to standardise data capture, digitally manage the supply and demand of beds and provide timely information so teams can make quicker, informed decisions and deliver safe, effective care to patients.

Secure Hosting

With Servelec hosting, you can be confident that the patient data and applications you’re responsible for are efficiently and securely managed. Our hosting is 100% compliant with ISO27018, HSCN and Cyber Essentials standards and we guarantee 99.9% server availability.

Supporting Social Care transformation in Scotland

Read more about how our solutions are enabling Local Authorities in Scotland to provide better support.

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