Servelec is the market leader in both the mental health and community health sectors in England.

Our integrated software solutions bridge secondary care, GP and social care systems, providing you with greater insight into a patient’s wellbeing. Having the relevant information allows you to deliver better care, improve your decision making, reduce paperwork and save precious time.


> We call this Digital Care

We want to help you help others

Servelec understands that there’s a real need to improve the way healthcare software works, especially when it comes to gathering relevant patient information. Many systems are so disconnected, that the processes which should be simple and instant, are actually time-consuming and expensive.

So, we’ve made it our priority to simplify the way you access and share patient records, and these improvements will make a huge difference to your working day.

Connected healthcare improves care

Servelec’s Rio electronic patient record (EPR) software interoperates with GP and social care systems, allowing you to access a universal EPR. This combines child health EPR, community health EPR and mental health EPR and is the most customer-focused system available.

Introducing Digital Care

We call our approach to connected healthcare, Digital Care, and our solutions will help you to fully focus on patient care, save time, reduce paperwork and minimise risks.

With 49 trusts and 54% of Mental Health Global Digital Exemplars and Fast Followers relying on Servelec’s Rio electronic patient record software, it’s already proving to be hugely beneficial.

Information at your fingertips

Rio is fully mobile and can be accessed on laptops, tablets and smartphones, so whatever the location, you’ll always be provided with the most up-to-date patient information.

Best practice makes perfect

Servelec also makes it simple to share best practice – another essential shortcut to innovation when faced with funding cuts and regulatory changes.

To discover more about how we can help you improve the way you care, click here.

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