Our sectors


At Servelec, we’re improving the way medical practitioners help care for patients by creating integrated solutions that save time, reduce paperwork and minimise risks.

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Social Care

At Servelec, we’re helping to improve the way social workers provide care by bringing together all the case information you need in one simple to use online portal, saving you time and reducing potential risks.

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At Servelec, we’ve improved the way you can care for children by creating an education management system that allows you to put pupils, not processes, at the heart of everything you do.

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Youth Services

At Servelec, we care about the future of vulnerable young people. We also care about the teams of people in every authority who are responsible for improving their future. We support children and young people’s teams by creating systems that provide the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

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Working together, we can achieve better outcomes for people through interoperable health and care systems. Find out more about our approach to interoperability at Servelec.

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Servelec understands that Scottish organisations have their own set of requirements with different legislation. Our versatile solutions can be tailored to your organisation to make sure that you are able to use them effectively, reducing your burden and allowing you to do what you do best, care for others.

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We work with you to help you deliver

We work alongside our customers as a strategic partner, working closely together for better results. We are the only supplier offering modern software solutions across the converging sectors of healthcare, social care, education and youth services. With our solutions, our health and local government customers see an immediate difference, and the impact only grows over time leading to better care, better utilisation and better outcomes.

Be the next to benefit from Digital Care

Digital Care has the power to transform the way we provide care; to make life easier for you and better for those you care for. The more we come together and work in unison, the more benefits we'll realise.