Our management team

We are proud to have been a software partner to the care and education sectors for over 20 years and we refuse to stand still. As the only provider of software solutions across healthcare, social care and education, we strive to set the quality standard.

Meet the team

Steve Wightman

Healthcare Managing Director

With a background in software and technology spanning three decades and having previously been a co-founder of a leading healthcare software provider, Steve brings considerable experience of sales and operations to Servelec’s leadership team. Steve joined Servelec as Sales Director of our healthcare business in May 2018 and, in a short time, built real momentum into Servelec’s healthcare sales, securing new partnerships for the leading Rio EPR system for mental, community and child health and securing the first contracts to implement Flow, Servelec’s patient flow software in the UK. Steve was appointed Healthcare Managing Director in March 2020.

What does Digital Care mean to you?

“For me, Together for Digital Care means really listening to our customers and understanding the challenges they face. Not on a superficial level, but working with them side-by-side to provide technology that helps them deliver better care to more people.”

David McKinney

Local Government Managing Director

David joined Servelec on 16 March 2020 as Local Government Managing Director. David has excellent operational experience from 30 years in technology, product development, manufacturing and service, plus a passion for improving lives and engaging customers. Before Servelec, David held roles at board level in public and private companies, most recently as UK and Ireland CEO of Tunstall Healthcare, and previously as Chief Operating Officer of Pace, a £2.5bn pay-TV software business.

What does Digital Care mean to you?

“I am committed to ensuring our teams serving local government customers demonstrate the principle of being ‘Together for Digital Care’ in everything we do. For me it’s about open engagement with our customers, people and stakeholders so together, we can improve peoples’ lives.”

Martyn Arbon

Martyn Arbon

Chief Technology Officer

Martyn joined Servelec in January 2021 as Chief Technology Officer and brings considerable skills and experience from global fintech company Tungsten Network, where he was also CTO. Prior to this, Martyn spent over a decade in various CTO roles leading the technology organisations in B2C, B2B and SaaS businesses. Earlier in his career he was Head of Development at local government software provider CAPS Solutions, and led global development teams at Oracle after starting his career as a software developer.

What does Digital Care mean to you?

“Digital Care represents our approach to developing technology that helps our customers deliver the best possible care. It’s the way our software works with other systems so that it gives under-pressure carers access to the information they need to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives."

Garry McCord

Chief Strategy Officer

With a passion for delivering the outcomes our customers desire and a flair for technical delivery, Garry has worked in a variety of roles across Servelec during the past 20 years. In his role as Chief Strategy Officer, Garry leads on the product development of our innovative solutions across care settings and is delivering the technical interoperability between our product range and with those of other industry suppliers, aligned with customer requirements.

Focused on collaboration, Garry works with customers and across our technical teams to make sure our software solutions work for you.

What does Digital Care mean to you?

“At Servelec, we recognise that you’re the true care experts, so we want our products to reflect and enhance this.  Around the products themselves, we make it easy to share best practice to get the most out of them, and your teams.  We have a passion for the outcome – so you can make a real difference to more people.”

Pamela Weeks

Director of Enablement

An executive director with broad corporate experience, Pamela is renowned for delivery, adding value and making a difference.  In a variety of marketing and communications roles, Pamela has successfully delivered several strategic change programmes across diverse organisations.

Having originally joined Servelec as Head of Marketing and Communications in 2016, Pamela was responsible for building Servelec’s marketing and communications team and developing our insight-led brand proposition and strategy. In her current role as Director of Enablement Pamela is responsible for quality, compliance, governance, performance measurement, programme management, marketing and communications and has been central to driving and delivering Servelec’s change agenda, positioning the business for ongoing alignment with customer requirements.

What does Digital Care mean to you?

“For me, ‘Together for Digital Care’ is the why as well as the how we do things at Servelec. For me, it demonstrates our commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience and in doing so, provide better outcomes for people. It’s about always striving to do the right thing, even if it is challenging, because we always consider those who will benefit most from us getting things right.”

Nicola Cliffe

People Director

Nicola joined Servelec as People Director in November 2018 with a purpose to help make Servelec a great place to work.  Before Servelec, Nicola worked in senior human resources roles in a variety of businesses across retail, outsourcing, utilities, fleet management and software. There’s a common theme, that each company wanted to be a great employer, although each were at different stages of achieving that ambition. Nicola lists among her proudest achievements leading two businesses to be recognised by The Sunday Times as two of the top 100 best places to work in the UK.

What does Digital Care mean to you?

“Being ‘Together for Digital Care’ means to me creating an environment where Servelec’s people can be their best selves and do their best work so that we can collectively make a difference to others – whether it is our customers, our partners or our many other stakeholders.”