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We are proud to have been a software partner to the care, education and youth services sectors for over 20 years and we refuse to stand still. As the only provider of software solutions across healthcare, social care, education and youth services, we strive to set the quality standard for our customers.

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The UK care system is under increasing pressure

The health and social care sectors are facing significant funding deficits, while grappling with low productivity levels and a severe talent deficit.

Against this backdrop of internal challenges, demand for health and social care services is set to accelerate. We’re a growing and ageing nation – the UK population grew 10% between 2003 and 2015, and there will be a 50% increase in over-65s by 2035.

Education is also under fire

Local authorities face a conundrum – they’re held responsible for standards, but are unable to influence school policy. They need to ensure that there are sufficient school places, but cannot influence school expansion plans. 

Despite these challenges, all care settings are delivering good quality care

The NHS has been rated as the best and safest healthcare system in the world, the Care Quality Commission rated
78% of adult social care services as good, and 91% of council maintained schools are now good or outstanding. However, it’s clear that the current situation is not sustainable.


We help care providers across health, social care and education by streamlining processes

We are the only supplier offering modern software solutions across the three converging sectors of care: