Our approach to interoperability

Working together, we can achieve better outcomes for people through interoperable health and care systems. Find out more about our approach to interoperability at Servelec.

“Interoperability is the beating heart of joined up health and care. It matters – because having access to all the information about a person, regardless of place or time - means that clinicians, social workers and associated professionals can make decisions that lead to better outcomes. That’s why we are striving to be at the forefront of pioneering truly interoperable health and care technology – so that people can get the care they need and deserve.”

Garry McCord, Chief Strategy Officer, Servelec

It’s connecting communities through digital care

We’re helping join up communities across care settings regionally, and encouraging collaboration beyond – with schools, care homes and the third sector for example. This is because we believe that joined up health and care can lead to preventative, and ultimately better care.

We understand the needs of different care settings and are engaged in the wider conversation around interoperable health and care systems. That’s how we have built the most interoperable public service solution, joining up systems across the community space.

It’s moving past point to point

We know that true interoperability goes further than connecting systems point to point, or just within the healthcare space. It’s time to break down all the barriers so we can join up systems and deliver better care across the board.

It’s about people not care settings

Our ambition is to improve patient care – and to empower patients to be in control - so their experience is the best it can be. When interoperable health and care systems are set up, care is delivered in the right place, at the right time, which leads to better outcomes.

It’s identifying people’s needs – and meeting them

We work together with our customers across healthcare, social care, education and youth services to determine what the needs are and the desired outcomes – then we deliver interoperable health and care systems which meet them. Here are some of the solutions we’ve developed.

National Record Locator (NRL) for mental health

Mental health crisis plans (MHCP) are rarely available to care workers when a person is in crisis. Working with NHS Digital, we are rolling out NRL, which helps mental health professionals and ambulance services find out whether a person has a crisis plan when it’s needed. Here’s what the London Ambulance Service has to say about why NRL is making a difference to paramedics and patients:

“For the last 40 years in ambulance care, we’ve attended with pen and paper and gathered information as best we can on the scene. Now with NRL, we have the ability access the MHCP very quickly so we can make the right decisions with the patient’s best interests at heart.”

Stuart Crichton, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Paramedic, London Ambulance Service

National Event Management Service (NEMS)

By integrating the NEMS for child health, everyone from maternity providers and health visitor teams to blood-spot screening labs and new-born hearing testers can share vital knowledge – helping to give children the best possible start in life.

Transfer of care

Transfer of care delays because of poor information flow frustrate patients who want to go home, and place a burden on hospitals trying to manage bed occupancy. We help improve the transfer of care by sharing information between health and social care – so patients are discharged sooner into appropriate care to get them back to full health, and pressures on patient flow are eased.

Remote working through mobile solutions

Having access to information regardless of location is more important than ever. We’re helping organisations to be place-agnostic through interoperable health and care systems which put information at their fingertips wherever they are.

Working in partnership

Delivering interoperability for healthcare and local government means being truly open and collaborative. That’s why our Digital Care partner programme is so important in helping to develop the wider ecosystem. We are proud to partner and develop solutions which help to connect the communities we serve.

Let’s work together

Our solutions are powered by our secure Conexes cloud-based interoperability platform. To find out more about how we can work together to make interoperable health and care systems – and better digital care – a reality, contact us today.

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