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Servelec is helping mental health specialists improve the way they work through health and social care integration. This reduces paperwork and increases patient face-to-face time.

One in four adults experience a mental health problem in any given year. For children, it’s one in ten. Servelec don’t take these figures lightly, especially with the budget constraints and productivity pressures on those providing care.

We’ve developed a solution for sharing data between secondary care, GP and social care systems. Providing a single view electronic patient record (EPR) allows us to speed up processes, reduce paperwork, and free up the carer’s time.

> We call this Digital Care

Working with specialists

Servelec takes mental health very seriously, so any connected healthcare system we create needs to bridge both short and long-term care.

That’s why our team, which consists of specialists with a clinical background in mental health, works closely with customers and their clinical teams. This ensures our solutions meet the necessary standards and the Mental Health Act (MHA) in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Increasing efficiency

We call our approach Digital Care. Built on our Rio system, our integrated solution provides a single view of a patient. That means a practitioner can see key healthcare and social care information in one place. This helps to minimise risks, support pathways to success, and free care professionals’ time.

Trusts trust Servelec

To date, 49 Trusts and 54% of Mental Health Global Digital Exemplars and Fast Followers rely on Servelec’s Rio electronic patient record software.

A potential Trust saving of £3.5m per year

Our solution supports mobile working in social care, which is vital with mental health care as a lot of work is community based. This also allows care workers to share, exchange and update information when they’re on the go.

This mobility could save as much as an hour a day per practitioner. When you look at the full potential, it’s estimated that our mobile solutions could save a Trust as much as £3.5m per year through improved efficiencies, reduced travel, printing, posting and archiving of paper records.

Our integrated solutions even empower patients to have more say on their mental health care.

To discover more about how Trusts and Servelec are working together for Digital Care, click here.

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Servelec digitise services with Rio electronic patient record

Servelec has announced that Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT), a provider of mental health and learning disability services, has gone live with the Rio electronic patient record.

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