Community Care

Servelec understands just how much pressure community care practitioners find themselves under due to budget cuts and increased paperwork. It’s our belief that care professionals are there to care, not to be time limited by the tools they’re working with.

By developing a single integrated care solution that holds all the electronic patient records (EPR) a care professional needs to make informed decisions, we’ve sped up processes, reduced admin time and increased care levels.

> We call it Digital Care

Enabling better outcomes

Servelec has created an integrated care solution that provides a single view of a patient. Combining information from our Rio and Mosaic systems, it provides key patient healthcare and social care information in one place.

Increased efficiency

We call our approach to community care, Digital Care, and our solution allows practitioners to deliver effective care faster than ever before. We help minimise risks, support pathways to success, and free care professionals up to focus on what they do best – care for others.

A potential Trust saving of £3.5m per year

As our software can be accessed on laptops, tablets and smartphones, practitioners can easily share and exchange information when they’re on the go. This mobility could save as much as an hour a day per practitioner.  

When you look at the potential as a whole, it’s estimated that Servelec’s mobile solutions could save a Trust as much as £3.5m per year through improved efficiencies, reduced travel, printing, posting and archiving of paper records.

Empowering individuals

Our integrated solutions also empower individuals to have more say on their care, by allowing patients to determine their own needs and requirements directly. The result – faster, easier care, arranged on their terms.

Sharing best practice

Servelec’s software also makes it simple to share best practice, which is an essential shortcut to innovation in times of funding pressures and productivity challenges in health and social care.

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