Servelec understands that providing the best care to children who need it most can be challenging, complex and often very time consuming. That’s why we developed an integrated care solution that holds all the information a carer needs to make informed decisions via a single portal.

By enabling care professionals to share and exchange care information, we can speed up processes, minimise risks and improve children's lives faster.

> We call it Digital Care

Children’s integrated care solutions

When it comes to improving a child’s health and care, the more information that can be gathered, the better the potential outcome.

Servelec has helped speed up the process by providing care professionals with a solution that stores key healthcare, social care and education information in one place. This solution – a combination of our Rio, Mosaic and Synergy systems – also helps authorities save time and money, be more responsive, improve resource management and streamline decision making.

Connected care, wherever, whenever

As our children’s services software can be accessed on laptops, tablets and smartphones, social care workers can quickly and easily share and exchange information even when they’re on the go – something that’s vital when it comes to intervention and prevention.

Focused thinking

We call our approach to child welfare, Digital Care, and our system will help save time, reduce paperwork, minimise risks, and support pathways to success. Or to put it another way, allow care professionals to fully focus on what they do best – care for children.

A trusted partner

The great news it that Rio is already trusted by 48% of child health settings across England, and has been implemented across the whole of Scotland to support the delivery of improved health and wellbeing for children.

Beat budget cuts by sharing best practice

Servelec understands the funding pressures and productivity challenges of healthcare, social care and education providers. Thankfully our software makes it simple to share best practice, which is an essential shortcut to innovation.

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From 'inadequate' to the top 25% of children’s services – Cornwall’s remarkable story

"Servelec helped empower frontline staff by giving them the simple tools needed to track and monitor a child’s journey." Sally Hughes -Director of Children's Services, Cornwall Council

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