Servelec understands that the dated care system is coming under increasing pressure, and that patient care is suffering because of this. This isn’t fair, so to help we develop integrated care solutions that provide the right information to the right people to make informed decisions via a single portal.

By enabling professionals to share and exchange care information, we can speed up processes, reduce admin time and help improve care.

> We call it Digital Care

A single solution for social workers

Where care is concerned, knowing the full picture of someone’s situation can make all the difference to their short and long-term welfare.

Servelec has helped create a fuller instant picture of a person’s condition by creating an integrated care solution. This stores key social care information and combines it with healthcare information in one place.

Focused thinking

We call our approach to adult welfare, Digital Care, and our system will help save time, reduce paperwork, minimise risks, and support pathways to success. In other words, it will allow social workers to fully focus on what they do best – care for others.

Empowering individuals

Our integrated solutions also empower individuals to have more say on their care. By providing individuals with access to areas of the portal, they can determine their own needs and requirements directly. This allows them to receive better, faster, easier care, arranged on their terms.

Best practice as standard

To help ensure you meet legislation and all of your statutory reporting requirements, we provide an ‘out of the box’ solution that’s been configured to our Best Practice Configuration (BPC). This standardises the workflows and forms and can also be tailored to meet your specific needs within our Mosaic system.

Supporting the way you work

Servelec collaborated with the Munro, Turnell and Murphy partnership, to deliver the first fully compliant Signs of Safety IT recording tool. This provides local authorities with a system that’s aligned to their practice model.

By continuously working with local authorities, we can develop the functionality in Mosaic to support initiatives, including the Reclaiming Social Work model, the Family Safeguarding Workbook and the Three Conversations model.

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