Servelec understands just how fast-moving a hospital environment is, and having an accurate view of the overall picture is key to good patient care. To help provide that we worked side-by-side with University Hospitals Birmingham to create an end-to-end solution that supports the management of patients from referral, through admission, to discharge.

This integrated patient administration system enables professionals to share and exchange information, speed up the patient journey, reduce admin time and deliver patient-centred care.

> We call this Digital Care

Supporting the delivery of Acute care

The challenge was to create a patient management system that could meet the needs of one of the highest performing NHS organisations in Europe. In real terms that meant being able to support a Trust that cares for over a million patients each year.

Developed in collaboration with UHB Birmingham, the system incorporates a patient administration system, hospital bed management system, and patient record management system to provide a complete view of care at all times.

Successful streamlining

The connected systems allow clinicians to find all the information they need on a patient via a single digital portal. This saves time, reduces paperwork and minimises risks. By automating as many processes as possible, it means data only needs to be entered once, allowing clinicians to fully focus on what they do best – care for others.

Accessing patient information

The Oceano PAS system records patient activity including inpatient, outpatient and emergency, across the Trust. It also manages patient demographics, referrals, appointments, referrals to treatment and waiting list information.

Managing the flow of patients

Flow provides a real-time view of patients’ movements. This foresight enables clinical teams to improve their decision making, especially when it comes to hospital bed management.

A mobile solution

At Servelec we develop solutions that can by used anywhere on any device, meaning medical staff can view and update patient information at the point of care, ensuring the right treatment is delivered at the right time.

Servelec’s software also makes it simple for acute care providers to share information between healthcare and social care professionals.

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New patient administration system launches in Birmingham

Over 1 million patient records were transferred to the new system which will be used by around 1,500 staff across the Trust, many of whom were involved in designing and testing the software.

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