Cambridgeshire Council's 'system for the system' reaps benefits

The Council identified the need to strengthen care pathways for vulnerable adults, but to enable this, they needed a social care IT system that supported new ways of working.


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Sue Grace, Director of Customer and Digital Services at Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council explains the difference Mosaic is making to the working practices of social care workers, and those benefiting from their care in Cambridgeshire.

“The previous case management system at Cambridgeshire was no longer fit for purpose, so our teams were eager for change. In October 2018, our Adult Services’ preventative and social work teams went live with Servelec’s Mosaic case management system. This enables social care staff to adopt best practice business processes, including simplifying the recording and monitoring of the customer journeys between various teams; enabling them to better manage their community’s social care needs. Social workers now have a clearer online view of the care pathways of those they are supporting, and Mosaic enables clearer, faster and secure communication between teams.

“This is really making a difference. Frontline staff are inspired and excited by the breadth of the capabilities of this new system and the time it’s saving them. Over the coming months we will be migrating all our Adults Services’ financial data into the same system, so activity and finance can be viewed together in one place. We are already benefitting from improved access to core, real-time data. This will be significantly enhanced when we ‘go-live’ with the Mosaic finance module across all of our work by May 2019.

System for the system

Cambridgeshire County Council have got big plans for their Mosaic system. Sue added: “In the future we want to extend the use of this system across more teams, including our partners, and look at how this system can be accessed more effectively through mobile devices.

“This new system offers the opportunity to link social care data and summary health records for those we are supporting. This interoperability between systems is something we would like to develop. The ability to facilitate working smarter by using one system to its maximum potential is helping us achieve our target of transforming the effectiveness of our 800-strong social care workforce.”