Supporting the single view of a child

Synergy caters for the many specialist needs of a local authority education service.

Live in over 90 local authorities, Synergy’s extensive features mean you don’t have to sacrifice the needs of staff, schools or parents who access the system to achieve a single view of a child as Synergy integrates with the leading social care case management systems available.

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Did you know that the Synergy education management system integrates with Mosaic social care case management software?

The Synergy ‘best of breed’ education system enables your single view across social care and education.

Being able to see the wealth of education data captured by Synergy in your social care case management system enables better safeguarding and saves social work professionals vital time and authorities money.

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Key benefits

  • Provision of timely and accurate data to empower social care decision making
  • Improved tracking of school attendance
  • Identification of at-risk children before they become problem adults

Of Synergy;

  • A trusted and proven education management solution that integrates seamlessly with social care
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface for parents, schools and authorities
  • Admissions, family information, pupil support services and special educational needs provision included within in a one-stop solution.
  • A return on investment, typically in 12 months through tangible efficiency savings
  • 25 years experience meeting the specific needs of the education sector

Synergy’s interface

With Synergy’s interface, education data is displayed within your social care system in real-time. Within Synergy, you can also view social care data, providing a complete view to education specialists.

  • Biographic and demographic data
  • Personal indicators
  • Current and historical record of all addresses
  • Current and historical school attendance data
  • Attendance summary
  • Exclusions history

“Integration and interoperability were key factors in choosing the right education management system. The Synergy suite integrates seamlessly with other systems, including third-party software, allowing us to accurately record and share data across the whole Council and develop a single view of every child." John O’Connor, Children’s Services Manager at Lincolnshire County Council

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