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Bed management

Smooth bed management creates a better and safer environment for patients and a more efficient working environment for staff. Effective Bed management is critical to enabling the successful flow of patients through a healthcare facility. It involves the medical care, physical resources, and internal systems needed to get patients from the point of admission to the point of discharge while maintaining quality and patient and provider satisfaction.

Creating a single view of a child

Synergy caters for the many specialist needs of a local authority education service. Live in over 90 local authorities, Synergy’s extensive features mean you don’t have to sacrifice the needs of staff, schools or parents who access the system to achieve a single view of a child as Synergy integrates with the leading social care case management systems available.

Improving patient flow

Good patient flow is paramount in any hospital department. It’s not only important for the patient experience, but also for clinical safety and to help reduce any excess pressure on staff. During busy periods, the patient journey should be managed efficiently; this is where Flow steps in.