Synergy education management software enhancing improved service delivery at Medway Council

With dedicated support from Servelec, Medway Council transitioned from their legacy education management system to the full, best of breed Synergy suite in less than 12 months. Medway Council is now using one system across their Education Service, enabling users to retrieve information more quickly and easily.


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Online applications up by 97% thanks to the Synergy Admissions Portal

The Synergy School Admissions Module, part of Medway’s full Synergy suite has enabled Medway Council to build on previous successes and progress delivery of a more digital approach, enabling schools, parents and providers to self-serve information where required. This has resulted in continued significant online take-up from parents, less paper handling and an increase in efficiency for data management teams; allowing Education Services to focus on improving outcomes for young people and families.

Expert training and support

For Medway Council, training was one of the most important aspects of the implementation. A series of consultancy sessions were organised between Synergy’s Consultants and the Systems Support Team Manager. The sessions helped to set expectations and deliver a plan of training activities, which included:

  • The setup of training plans for each module so users understood what was expected going forwards and the requirements
  • The validation of business processes based on an understanding of how the Synergy system can be configured to fit the service needs.

The Synergy team shared examples of good practice from their work with other local authorities to give Medway Council an alternative perspective on how things could be done. Synergy’s knowledge and expertise was vital in supporting the team at Medway Council to consider new practices and build a system that was fit for the Council and its users.

“The consultancy sessions delivered by the Synergy team were greatly beneficial and added value to the implementation enabling users to fully realise the benefits. The Synergy team were really supportive, if we had any queries or issues after the consultancy training sessions, they always responded really quickly with a solution.”

Rebecca Hood, Systems Support Team Manager

Driving efficiencies

The Synergy education management system is helping to drive efficiencies across Medway Council’s service areas and transforming the way people work.

The reduction of paper-based processes is helping to cut costs and reducing the administrative burden on staff, as data is only entered once, then shared across the service areas. Reporting is much easier as staff can retrieve the information they need more quickly.

Medway Council has also experienced a 97% increase of parents making applications online via the Synergy Admissions Portal. The adoption of modern digital technologies is helping to deliver more transparent and efficient ways of working.


  • 97% increase in online applications
  • Reduction of paper-based processes
  • Reduction in administrative burden through removal of duplicated data entry
  • Simplified reporting and speedier retrieval of information.

“The Synergy school admissions module has made vast improvements to the time it takes to record information at Medway Council. It has modernised the way in which parents can make school applications, which has reduced the number of paper applications and administration time to input the data. The implementation of the Synergy was an efficient and straightforward experience.”

About Medway Council

Medway Council is a unitary authority and covers the areas of: Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester Strood and Rainham. The Council manages approximately 12,000 school applications per year.

When choosing a new education management information system, the key objectives for Medway Council were to:

  • Have one robust integrated solution for all service areas enabling access to and the sharing of core pupil data
  • Adopt a more digital approach to enable parents to self-serve via a portal and make online applications
  • Increase operational efficiencies using the education management information system
  • Enable digital transformation by ensuring the system has the necessary functions to allow access for parents and carers, professionals and the Council’s partner organisations
  • Supply a system which enables the implementation of mobile working solutions in line with the Council’s agile mobile working programme.

Medway Council has implemented Synergy Admissions, Early Years,Special Educational Needs, Pupil Support Services and Early Help modules.

From the start of implementation to go live, the Synergy team worked in partnership with Medway Council to help achieve their goals.

“The Synergy system is helping to drive efficiencies across Medway Council. Using one integrated solution across our Education and Early Help Service is making a massive difference and the feedback from users is very positive.”